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The Aroma of BC

Dear Pot Smoking Neighbour, Thanks for the constant reminder that I live in BC. It's also really thoughtful of you to wait until my kids go to bed before you stand in the middle of your yard and smoke weed. Much appreciated.
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A World Filled With Tragedy Needs To Laugh

Dear Comedian, You have one of the most valuable jobs going these days. Every time I turn on the TV it seems like all there is to talk about is doom and gloom. In a world where horrific tragedies happen every day, your goal is to make us laugh. Tonight you succeeded. Thank you.
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I’m a Whiny Little Bitch (So now what?)

Dear Displaced Refugee Rapper, Hearing your perspective made me realize just how good we have it here and how much we bitch like the spoiled brats we are. You come from war torn Sudan where barely escaped with your life and now call Canada your home. Simply put, your story is one of how my country saved your life and gave you the opportunity you would never have had otherwise. Yet what do I do? I bitch. I complain. I whine. I don't vote. I don't change. . .  . . .I'm ignorant to the amazing life that I am privileged to have; the one that you literally almost died to get.    (PS - I'm glad your voice is being heard)  -Dave
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The Power of One Little Smile

Dear Screaming Baby, I hate to admit it but you often bring out the worst in me. My patience for your shrill cries is wearing thin. I'm sure you know that because I usually don't hold back from telling you. You drive me crazy. Then in one brief moment of silence, you smile at me with your big blue eyes and melt my heart which fixes everything. I love you,
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The Patience of a 10 Year Old (Who Would’ve Thought??)

Dear Bicycle Girl, You can't be more than 10 years old. Yet your patience as my brother and I walked side by side taking up the entire sidewalk, oblivious to your presence, is something I could use more of. The icing on the cake was the polite
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Lessons From Creeping a Crotch Rocket Poser

Dear Crotch Rocket Poser, Judging by the size of the trophy you were holding while posing and throwing up what looked to be gang signs in front of your canary yellow crotch rocket, you must have won some sort of big competition. As I watched the photographer snap shots of you and your prize from the 4th story window overlooking the abandoned parking lot you now occupied, I realized that you had no idea I was watching you. (I felt a little bit like a creeper but that didn't last long). I began to wonder how often people are watching us without our knowing. Probably more often than we'd like to know. What kind of message are we sending with our actions or with the overheard words we say? I cringe at the thought.   PS - Contratulations on whatever contest you won.  -Dave
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Would You Cross the Street?

Dear Good Samaritan, Pretty cool to hear that you picked up a random teenager with bloody hands after he bailed skateboarding and gave him a ride home. You put yourself in his shoes and though of what was best for him. I wonder how many people would've crossed to the other side of the street (so to speak)? Pretty sure my hand is raised
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Another Year Come and Gone (So Are My Feet)

Dear Out Of Shape 28 Year Old, 27 wasn't overly kind to you was it. That extra gray hair & belly snuck up on you didn't it. When was the last time you looked down and saw your feet without having to lean forward? That's what I thought. Happy   birthday!! (Screw you mirror.)
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Don’t Forget To Chew, Life is Too Short

Dear Choking Brother In-Law, You sure made Father's Day eventful. Being witness to that incident reminded me, yet again, how fragile life actually is. You never when it will all come to an end. I'm thankful that Sunday was not that day because this world would not be the same without you. (Maybe next time chew instead of inhaling your food).
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Music, Pellet Guns, and Shirtless Volleyball at Dawn

Dear Rowdy Neighbor, I'd be lying if I told you that I miss seeing you around. That's probably because when I do see or hear you it's in the middle of the night while you're throwing a party & shooting your automatic pellet gun at god knows what in your backyard. Does it make me a bad person that I'd rather not see you? I will admit though, the 5am shirtless volleyball game was classic.