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Dear 44,

We just met this year, and honestly, I am unimpressed.

You are an age for which I have to seriously scan my memory to recall, even though you are the current one.

You are young boys in cars who do not look your way anymore and the neon fingerless Madonna gloves of the 80s that have come back in style, but this time as a quaint novelty. You are a once tended field that has been left to be overtaken by Black-Eyed Susans that were planted that one priceless spring, but which now have spread in a careless way and aren’t as pretty as you’d expect. You are faded curtains in a summer cottage on the lake and leftover arribiata sauce – better the second day, but still not fresh.

Let’s speak again at 45 and reassess our relationship.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Angela
Twitter: theaspiedaily
Blog: http://www.summerwithtruman.blogspot.com
Written From: Nashville
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Dear Don Corleone

I don’t mention you or worry about you too much..and most of what I feel is anger and relief that I escaped, but when it’s the weekend..and i’m drunk, I can’t think of anyone else i’d rather have by my side than you.

I know you always felt anxious, like something’s not right, like life isn’t what you want it to be. Not everyone is made to live the same life, to follow the same rules. We were the same you and I. Yeah there was hate, but there was recognition too. Like we were on the same wavelength. Like we were looking for more. That’s what we had. And that’s what bought us together, nothing else…but that’s a strong thing to share you bloody fool.

You trapped yourself before you had to and two years from now you’ll be lost again and further away from finding out what it is that makes you happy. I can’t stand you but I feel bad that you’ll be going through that.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: Aus
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Dear Ma’am

Are you so afraid to die? You have stage 4 terminal cancer. I can tell that your leg hurts simply because it’s so swollen that it looks about three times as big as your other one. You’re probably so nauseous from all the chemo, and I wonder if you feel ugly and self-conscious because you don’t have hair. Do you know that you are one of the most astounding and beautiful women I have ever met? Your attitude floors me. I know that you are suffering, but you still manage to smile sweetly and say hi to me every time I walk into your room, even when it’s 4am and I’m there to make you stand on my scale and take your blood pressure. I have never heard you complain, not even that one time when you were in so much pain that you couldn’t stop the tears from running down your face. I am astounded by your grace and your courage. You are only 44 years old. In less than a year you will probably be dead. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around that, though, because all I see in you is life and beauty.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: Ohio
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Dear Truly Special Client

You spoke so sincerely about our care for you, how grateful you are. I’m glad we did a good job. You told me you were treated “like you were special.”

Suddenly I felt horribly humbled. How dare I serve you, generic middle-aged guy, without knowing the slightest thing about you. God knows your name, what your childhood was like, who your family is, every accomplishment, how your body is feeling. I know nothing. I am an ignoramous in the face of your deep complexity, seeing only the surface of your face.

“But, you are special,” I told you, “You really are. It’s so important for you to know that”

It’s important for me to never forget it.

Today’s letter was written by Name: klc
Twitter: Bibliacat
Written From: After work
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I Am Joseph Kony

Dear Naked World Changer, It’s ironic isn’t it? We ask for young leaders like you to stand up and lead us in the fight for humanity; for what we believe in. We ask for young leaders to change the world. Yet as soon as someone like you emerges, we are quick to ridicule, criticize and ostracize. In a few short days, your film had been seen more than 100 million times. People passionately supported your call for justice. They signed up in droves to blanket cities with posters and pictures so that everyone who woke up this morning would know the name of Joseph Kony. Today, I saw 3 posters. People have said your mission failed. They have said that you failed. And from some perspectives that may be true. But today, I did not see that a mission failed. I did not see that the vision of bringing a destroyer of humanity to justice had been derailed. I saw something entirely different. I saw the sheer torture and torment that a narcissistic society is capable of bestowing on their prey. I saw the devastation and scars that were left by the hypocrites who say they want to change the world before they cast the first stone. We lifted you up, and tore you down in a matter of hours. We embodied your heart and passion for justice before sucking the very life from your bones in the same breath. We cried as we watched your masterpiece then mocked as you danced naked in the street. We engaged and shot you to the moon then stood back with indifference as we watched you plummet to earth. Kony needs to be brought to justice. There is no doubt. He is visible, and will one day get what he deserves. But what about the terrorists that torment souls each and every day in silence and anonymity? What about those who destroy lives while hiding behind computer screens and Twitter usernames? Are we any different than the men who destroy lives with guns and machetes? I am Joseph Kony. I am not the man you made famous. No. I still have the luxury of destroying lives without anyone seeing my face or knowing my name. I am fortunate enough to live in a society that devours their own without consequence. I have destroyed your life and I will no doubt do it again. I am Joseph Kony; and I pray to god you find me and bring me to justice. From the darkest part of my soul, – Dave
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Dear Flag Lady

Dear Flag Lady

I can’t imagine how your brain passes the time all day, standing in the cold and rain; likely receiving not-so-positive responses from those you must delay.

With the seemingly endless project happening near my house, I admit I have lost patience with all people. Hearing the non-stop construction noise is so grating. You my dear orange & yellow traffic controlling friend, you set my mood right when I drive by you. Each morning and afternoon I’m stopped, though only for a moment, and you present me with a smile that just makes my day, that makes me forget about the mud, noise, and other insignificant things in my life.

I truly hope that you are treated with due respect, but somehow I get the feeling that even if you are not you will still make it a priority to brighten up others’ days.

Today’s letter was written by Name: H.T. 575 Twitter: haikutube Blog: http://haikutube.wordpress.com Written From: Canada
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Dear the me nobody knows.

What is it about me that nobody really knows me? The real me. The excited by sunshine, afraid of rejection, loves Jesus, but doesn’t follow Him, hates that my spouse doesn’t really talk, and sometimes I ignore her – me. Not the me in the board meeting, the me in the dark, staring at the ceiling thinking things I shouldn’t think.

I invite people in then you shut them down.

I’m sorry and try harder… please.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: @ Blog: Written From: The Indigo Part of the Rainbow
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Humanity is not easily broken (the day the world changed forever)

Dear Shirtless Morning Jogger, Yesterday was just like any other day. Yet it wasn't.  I drove my usual route to work listening to the news radio droning in the background, my mind lost in thought. I saw you, jogging in your all your senior, shirtless glory on what was shaping up to be another beautifully hot September day. A decade ago, September 11th was just another day.  Yet it wasn't.  I didn't wake up to see a younger more fit version of you jogging down the street. Not that day. Instead I woke up to a morning filled with fire, fear, hatred, loss, mourning, and for some (regretably). . . triumph. As the ensuing hours crept passed and I watched endless footage of strangers helping dig for the loved ones of those stuck watching in horror at home, one thing became glaringly apparent: Humanity is not easily broken.  As you were no doubt taking a usual route of your own I couldn't help but wonder if we were both remembering the lives that were tragically lost a decade ago.  I wonder if we were both remembering the triumphant display of unrelenting humanity of those who have helped rebuild a nation.                             I sure hope so.
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Errant Moral Compass vs. Field of Dreams

Dear Corn Thief, Seeing you and your partner emerge from the vast field of 6 foot corn stalks I felt as though I was actually living in the movie "Field of Dreams" (either that or "Children of the Corn"). I half expected to look to my right through my driver's side window and see a dozen or so semi-translucent baseball pro's in the middle of an epic "afterlife" battle of the diamond. Instead I saw you trudging out of the ditch with two large shopping bags full of corn. What I realized as I watched you and your clepto friend continue on your way was just how much the rest of society respects the boundaries of personal property. It would be easy to take a few ears of corn or snag some apples from a nearby orchard without consequence. But in large part, whether people realize it or not, they are guided by a moral compass that respects others. Your compass may be off a few degrees but I'm glad you're not the norm.
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The Quiet Strength of a Younger Generation

Dear Young Equestrian Rider, I was pleasantly surprised to see you atop of you beautiful brown horse, galloping around the arena as you practiced your jumps. There is something about the way in which you gracefully command the respect of such a powerful animal that inspires me. Your young adolescent frame looked as though it didn't belong sitting in the saddle of the large beast. But the way you playfully guided her through the course you no doubt know like the back of your hand, it appeared as though you are a seasoned veteran who is not riding an animal but rather a working with a friend. There are often times that I wish my quiet presence alone demanded the same respect that I saw in you. You were calm, gentle, reassuring, and strong. Don't ever lose that quiet strength. You will need it more often than you know.