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Lessons From Creeping a Crotch Rocket Poser

Dear Crotch Rocket Poser, Judging by the size of the trophy you were holding while posing and throwing up what looked to be gang signs in front of your canary yellow crotch rocket, you must have won some sort of big competition. As I watched the photographer snap shots of you and your prize from the 4th story window overlooking the abandoned parking lot you now occupied, I realized that you had no idea I was watching you. (I felt a little bit like a creeper but that didn't last long). I began to wonder how often people are watching us without our knowing. Probably more often than we'd like to know. What kind of message are we sending with our actions or with the overheard words we say? I cringe at the thought.   PS - Contratulations on whatever contest you won.  -Dave