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The product of lovers torn apart

Dear Resilient Father, Tonight, as I sit in the shadows, mildly engrossed in the movie that is playing, watching your daughter’s face glow in the screen light, there is an image that I just can’t shake. It is of you, holding the head of your beloved, stroking her beautiful blond hair away from her face for the very last time before she slips through your fingers as the final grains of sand tumble through the hourglass. Everything is silent. Still. She is gone. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like for you in that moment, the moment when the love of your life was prematurely taken. The moment when you were entrusted to raise your little girl into a wonderful loving mother even though she had barely known her own. As I watch your daughter’s chest rise and fall in her sleep it is impossible to hold back the tears. You have raised a strong, brave, beautiful woman who is the greatest mother in the world. I have no idea how you did it, but you did. Thank you. To the angel watching from above, I know that you are smiling down as you watch your lovely take on the world of motherhood on her own. I know that you are so proud of her. You have been her guiding force. I am sorry that I never got to meet you. That I never got to see you laugh and joke and bring your family so much joy, the joy that I saw in pictures. I promise to cherish and protect your most prized possession. I hope that I will not disappoint you. – Dave