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Unwitting Life Changer

Dear Unwitting Life Changer, You may not know this but I’ve been watching you for years. I have watched you grow from a boy into a man. I’ve watched as you have commanded the attention of everyone near you. I’ve seen rooms brighten by your mere presence alone. I’ve seen you call people on their bullshit in a way that they can’t ignore. I’ve seen a faith in you that is rivalled by none. I’ve seen how much you love your father. I’ve seen how you hold him tight when you’re by his side. I see how you lovingly stroke his hand, totally enthralled just to be standing with him. I’ve seen how you clasp his hand in your fingers with pride, as if to ensure that everyone knows he is yours. I have seen how those same fingers interlocked with his to give him strength. You have changed his life. I know there was hurt, fear and frustration when he found out that you would be born with Down syndrome. But through the years I have seen how your strength, child-like wisdom and faith have pushed your father to be a better man. Not just for himself or your family, but for everyone that he comes in contact with. You may not know this but while I was watching, you changed my life. Thank you. – Dave
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Dear Future Woman who’s also named after the Mountains,

I find myself worrying for you. But I know you are with me, whispering to me, helping me make choices and changes to become more like you. I have faith in you. To bring forth all of the wonderful things I seek, and want.
I hope you have a wonderful lover and perhaps a perfect little moon-baby. Maybe a few! You picked out a really amazing lover, huh? Someone who takes polaroids because he knows you love them. And lets you decorate the apartment because it makes you so SO happy. I hope you don’t make a big deal about things, at least not for a very long time. And remember to go run if you want to use strong words…
Remember that everything is just an experience. And never forget to LOVE, okay? Please stay innocent, loving and beautiful. I get worried about how taxing our world can be on my sensitive self- just always be light. Always. You got that?
I hope you stay strong in boot camp. I wish you are a crazy, kick-ass, ninja, rock-star when you go. That you combat those head games with steely eyes and be a bad-ass who doesn’t cry like I am when people normally yell at me.
I hope you still do yoga, have gotten better about mailing out letters- and have stayed diligent about keeping in contact with your old, dear friends- even when you make hundreds more.
I wish you stay soft, and supple; ever-adapting like I always have.
Please remember all of the love your mother has taught you to share. Remember how giving and loving she is, remember the beauty of being able to stay and visit with your family when you were my age. Sharing the bed with your sister and our silly fights over clothes and me being overly-sensitive.
Don’t ever accuse your parents of not doing the best they could, whenever they could. Because they say how proud of me they are all the time. They transformed me into a kind person, be that person when I come to meet you, maybe learn to be kinder, and more giving, listen more too. I am trying to stop talking so much, hopefully it works by the time I meet you.
Pick a good husband to have as a lover. Perhaps never stop referring to him as that? A lover. I am praying that a man is being ripened and grown to meet you. I know he likes board games, and loves to stay in, play them while cuddling on Friday nights. He will go on runs with you and practice yoga. He takes lots and lots of pictures, like he can’t be any prouder to love you, and leaves sweet notes all over the house for you to find.
I’m excited to meet you and hear about all of the fascinating stories I can listen to. You have so many possibilities at your beautifully trimmed fingertips, cherish them, notice them and take advantage.
The girl you’re named after.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Sierra Twitter: sierra_iola Blog: http://www.sierrasink.com Written From: San Diego
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Dear “TheDailyLetter” Creators

I am so glad this has been created by YOU. A site filled with inspiration dripping from words and letters. Beauty told with pixels typed from fingers spanning the globe. Thank you for creating this little garden of wonder within the confines of the world-wide-web. And to the beautiful girl who shared this with me, I love you dearly.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: El Paso
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Girl With The Eating Disorder (Contributed by Lindsay)

Today’s letter was contributed by Lindsay (@lindsholifield) Dear girl with the eating disorder,  You hide in your baggy clothes, hoping no one will see you. You lie and tell them you've already eaten. When you slip away to the restroom after meals, no one suspects a thing. But you are hurting inside. The voice in your head is relentless.  Girl who think she will never be free, I promise you there is hope. You may not believe me, but you are beautiful. You deserve so much more than hurting yourself. There is life on the other side. One day you will live that life.   You are loved more than you will ever know. Let us in, let us hold you tight and whisper grace over you. Let us walk with you towards healing. Together, we're going to make it.   Love, Lindsay
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A Match Made In Twitter Heaven

Dear Twitter Love Birds, "You've Got Mail" seems like nothing more than a nursery rhyme compared to the epic tale of love that spanned many months and thousands of miles all while being told 140 characters at a time. Your story is one that is about so much more than love: it is story about human connection and how our digital cultural has made it more possible and more enriching than ever. The boundaries of connectedness have faded to nothing when they once confined us to merely our geographic region. The Cynics will say that the attention span of our digital generation is rapidly dwindling and that we're losing the ability to make real human connections. But the two of you have debunked that myth. The world is more accessible than ever. With that comes ability to find the true love that you were created for: the one that you are destined for.
Today’s letter goes out to brilliant Max Dubinsky (@MaxDubinsky) and the ever inspiring Lauren Lankford (now Dubinsky) (@LaurenDubinsky). Their’s is a story of true love that came together atop a cliff in Colorado.
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The Power of One Little Smile

Dear Screaming Baby, I hate to admit it but you often bring out the worst in me. My patience for your shrill cries is wearing thin. I'm sure you know that because I usually don't hold back from telling you. You drive me crazy. Then in one brief moment of silence, you smile at me with your big blue eyes and melt my heart which fixes everything. I love you,
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The bigger you are, the harder you fall (and that’s not such a bad thing)

Dear Weeping Giant, I have never lost a best friend so I won't pretend like I know what you've been through - what you're going through. What I can do is empathize. That is the beauty of the human soul: it's connected to those around it. I may not know you, but your soul speaks volumes of the pain you feel for losing a best friend. I can see the pain through your clenched teeth and tearful eyes. I can see regret and longing in your twisted brow. But most of all I can see the joy of personally knowing his brilliance and his heart tugging the corner of your mouth into a slight, knowing smile. That is unmistakable. In those brief moments when I saw you I knew the world had lost a good man. Your friend was not the first, nor will he be last. With every other soul that leaves us behind, we will mourn the loss but more importantly will celebrate their life: together as one connected heart.  -Dave
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Happy Birthday Jamie

Today’s letter goes out to Jamie (@InspiredMess) as it was her birthday on Wednesday. I did actually send this to her on time but I’m finally posting it now that everything is back up and running. If you haven’t yet, wish her a happy belated birthday.

Dear Birthday Girl, Today marks the day that the world changed forever. It marks the start of an era when an inspired mess reaches out and leaves a lasting imprint on ever life that she touches. I'm not sure if growing up you dreamt of encouraging and inspiring a kid from Canada, but that's exactly what you've done. Your warmth and openness shine through every activity you plan for your family and every blog post you share. Today is your birthday and we are all so lucky to be within your reach.
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Can Art Change The World?

Today’s letter was inspired by JR, the 2011 TED Prize winner for his inside out project. Watch the video below

Dear Portrait Paster, A portrait covering the wall of a building. Another enveloping a staircase. The faces of the family whose children were murdered grace the beat up houses on dusty hillside, forming one of the most magnificent family portraits I have ever seen. The eyes and smiles of children cover the roofs of the shanty town where they live; the pictures doubling as waterproof shelter. Every piece you create means something. They force us and those that see them to think. They force us to make a choice: we can wake up and see the beauty of human life or continue on in blissful ignorance, assuming we're the only ones in the world that matter. You recently asked, "Can art change the world." The answer is obvious. You are already doing it.  -Dave