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Dear future Husband.

Dear future Husband,

I want a Christian home. I want to raise a Christian family. One that goes to church on Sundays, is involved with the church, and prays together at night. I know this will come to pass because you are a spiritual leader.

I want you to be a man who prays for me, and I pray for you. I want you to be a man that prays with me. I want you to be a man that takes everyone to church on Sundays. Who’s involved with the kids at church. Who smiles because he’s drunk on the Holy Ghost and is in love with God! Who relies on God.

I pray for you every day..I know you are out there. I have been seeing someone for a month and he has all the qualities I desire in a man. I always find myself praying that this should be You.

I know you’ll be a fantastic father and an even better husband because you’re a man who fights battles on His knees and stands up to obey God. I promise to be a loving, supporting wife. Wherever God calls us and our family. I will follow you. I won’t complain, I will work with whatever amount of money you diligently provide for our family.

I will always be your best friend. Together, we’ll make the Kingdom of God better on the Earth. We are a team. We will worship and meditate as One before God.
And honestly, I am so anxious to know who you are….

I love you.
Your future Wife,

Today’s letter was written by Name: Annie Nthani
Twitter: @NthaniAnnie
Written From: Zambia