1 were inspired.Were you inspired?


Our humanity, what makes us human, is such a vast and beautiful thing that we often take for granted. Humanity has taken a beating. We are constantly bombarded with messages and images of the horrible things that we as humans do to one another. We fight. We ridicule. We trample. We lie. We cheat. We discriminate. We destroy. We hate. Or at least that’s what we’re told we do. There are brilliant and beautiful things that happen around each one of us every day but we have been conditioned not to notice. Holding the door; Jogging in the rain; Mentoring a child; Falling in love. These are all beautiful acts that make us who we are: they are what make us human. The Daily Letter is a project that started with hopes of restoring the beautiful nature of humanity to its rightful place in society. The words that populate these pages are often written to people that we do not know but have encouraged, inspired or restored our faith in humanity. As these letters are written and posted in real time we are not only reshaping the way that we view each other, but the way that the world views each other. My name is Dave Sohnchen and I have faith in the beauty of humanity. Do you?