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The World Needs Good Fathers

Dear Spoiling Father, I'm glad I saw you buying treats for your two girls dowtown yesterday. I get encouraged when I see good fathers having fun with their kids but it also made me think of all the men that can't be with their children for whatever reason. My hope is that someone will make today special for them just as our kids are making today special for us.
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A Huge Thank You (You Made My Day)

Dear Birthday Wishers, I must be getting older because yesterday I had a change of heart. I have always seen social media birthday wishes through a cynical lens, wondering how many people actuallly give a shit that it's my birthday versus those who send wishes because Facebook tells them to. What I realized yesterday is that I don't really care. There were messages from family and friends that I haven't seen or heard from in a while. There were those from people I haven't seen since high school. There were even those from people I have yet to meet face to face. Every single message (all 66 of them) meant something to me: encouraged me. Thank you all for taking the time to drop me a quick birthday note; I appreciate it more than you will ever realize. Thank you.  -Dave
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When Social Classes Collide…

Dear Toothless Bike Rider, As you sat atop your busted bike seat, threw up your rock horns and shouted "Nice fuckin' car man!" to the driver parked beside me, I caught a glimpse of shared admiration and excitement between two social classes that mix as well as oil and water. It was as if time didn't exist in that moment as both of you dared to cross the illicit boundaries that our culture has drawn between you. It was beautiful. Then reality snapped back into place as the driver roared off and you pedalled away in the haze of his emissions. Thank you for allowing me to be a spectator, giving me hope that maybe one day our social classes can find enough common ground to actually work together for the betterment of our society.  -Dave
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Before There Was Social Media…

Dear Bickering Old Fuddy Duddies, So here you are, sitting down over coffee while bickering back and forth about a variety of different topics. Normally I'd write you off as a couple of grumpy old men who had nothing else to do but bitch at each other for no other reason than because no one else would listen to you. But as I listened to how what you were talking about and the depth of the conversation, what I realized is that you two are the epitome of what I love about social media. You have no problem openly sharing your opinions and challenging those of others, not because you're a couple of sticks in the mud but because you truly want to stretch your own perspective in the hopes of continuing to grow in your aging years. You educate a younger generation who simply sits on the edge and eavesdrops on your converstations. You are no grumpy old men fighting over useless things. Rather, you are wise leaders who are brave enough to speak their minds about your own convictions. Our culture has a lot to learn from you.   -Dave
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In the face of defeat, leave the molotov cocktail at home

Today’s letter goes out to every Vancouver Canucks fan that held their heads high Matt Lockhart (@Treelines) for planking the riots after being defeated on home ice in game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. We’ll get ’em next year.

Dear Disappointed Fans, As the first goal was scored in the first period, I heard you and the entire provice gasp as if a knife had just been plunged into your heart. As time wore on and the minutes dwindled to the final horn I could see the disappointment in your forlorn face. What I didn't see was anger or destruction. It appears as though there will always be those idiots who take things too far but you are not one of them. Don't let the disgrace of other tear down your ability to be gracious. Although the loss was difficult and a long time coming, keep your head held high. Continue to support, cheer and fight for your team. Show the world that you know how to go down in defeat with dignity. You have a lot to be proud of by propelling your team to the Stanley Cup Finals. Some take the easy way out and create a path of destruction for destruction's sake. It far more difficult to look your opponent in the eye and say, "Well played, good sir. Next time you won't be so lucky."  -Dave
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Hey Jesus, FETCH!

Dear Dog Walker,  I'm pumped that you named your dog Jesus (Hay-zeus). I will admit though, it seems odd to hear someone commanding that Jesus do certain things and respond a certain way. However, I can't the feeling of deja vu.  -Dave
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Please Pass The Koolaid

Dear Conspiracy Theorist (part 2), I think what really stuck with me after our conversation was the fact that you didn't try to coerce me into believing your crazy theories. You were just really excited to tell them to me. It's reassuring to know that if there's a large Koolaid drinking party soon, you won't be the guy passing out the dixie cups.  -Dave
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Smashed Wine Glass = Privilege of Friendship

Today’s letter goes out the brilliant and creative Kate Mukasa (@dowimagery). Her and her husband Moses Waswa Mukasa (@MosesWaswa) will no doubt be friends for life.

Dear Intense "Spoons" Player, The wine glass sitting silently to your right had been cheering you on all night, keeping a close watch over the spoons in the middle of the table as the cards circulated at a furious rate. Then in the blink of an eye, without warning, she was gone; hitting the wall as she exploded into hundreds of pieces, letting her innards splash and drip down the wall. You may have felt awful but I felt privileged. Not everyone is surrounded by such brilliant friends that can play, laugh and share life together. I just happen to be so lucky. You see a smashed glass with wine dripping down the wall. I see another great evening with friends that I will never forget. I would not trade that smashed glass for anything in the world.    -Dave
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Conspiracy Theorist

Dear Conspiracy Theorist, You were quite enjoyable to listen to today. I was inspired by your passion and how you're whole heartedly diving into your theories. Although I don't really believe what you're telling me, your enthusiasm leaves me secretly rooting for you in the hopes that you're right and that you prove me wrong.  -Dave
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The bigger you are, the harder you fall (and that’s not such a bad thing)

Dear Weeping Giant, I have never lost a best friend so I won't pretend like I know what you've been through - what you're going through. What I can do is empathize. That is the beauty of the human soul: it's connected to those around it. I may not know you, but your soul speaks volumes of the pain you feel for losing a best friend. I can see the pain through your clenched teeth and tearful eyes. I can see regret and longing in your twisted brow. But most of all I can see the joy of personally knowing his brilliance and his heart tugging the corner of your mouth into a slight, knowing smile. That is unmistakable. In those brief moments when I saw you I knew the world had lost a good man. Your friend was not the first, nor will he be last. With every other soul that leaves us behind, we will mourn the loss but more importantly will celebrate their life: together as one connected heart.  -Dave