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To all the lost ones…

Dear Lost One, It’s hard to imagine the pain, the incredible suffering, that you must have gone through: physically, emotionally, psychologically. It tears my heart out knowing that a life which was meant to be lived in such fullness has been taken. People may say that you took your own life. But I know better. I know better because I took it. Me and every other person who has picked on someone because they’re different: because they don’t look the same way, talk the same way, or believe in the same things that we do. Because they weren’t cool enough. I will never know what it feels like to see things as black and white as you do. I will never know what it’s like to see the world through eyes of someone who as Aspergers. But what your story has encouraged me to do is try. I don’t understand our obsession with grey, as if by being able to blur the middle line enough you can never see when good ends and evil begins we will benefit somehow. The reality is, one may benefit but a whole lot of people lose. For you it was the blatant disregard of what was being done to you on a daily basis: being bullied. We turned our eyes. We said things were okay. We blurred the line. Grey. Our inaction, our selfishness, cost you your life and the many lives of those before you. I am truly sorry. And although I can never tell you this face to face, you are not worthless. Your voice is not silent. Your sacrifice will be remembered forever. – Dave Today’s letter goes out to all those who kids who have lost their life because they were being bullied, and especially to those who are being bullied today. There is no grey: Love One Another. And please go see Bully. It’s in theaters today.
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Your Value is Not For Us To Determine

Dear Wide Eyed Graduate, I often wonder what's going through your head. A lot of people write you off because you're from a "spoiled" generation who doesn't know the meaning of "hard work". All you do is text and tweet and can't have real engaging conversations because your attention span is 140 characters or less. You know what I say? PROVE THEM WRONG! Don't buy into their system or their illicit view of you. Do great work and change the world.  -Dave
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Smashed Wine Glass = Privilege of Friendship

Today’s letter goes out the brilliant and creative Kate Mukasa (@dowimagery). Her and her husband Moses Waswa Mukasa (@MosesWaswa) will no doubt be friends for life.

Dear Intense "Spoons" Player, The wine glass sitting silently to your right had been cheering you on all night, keeping a close watch over the spoons in the middle of the table as the cards circulated at a furious rate. Then in the blink of an eye, without warning, she was gone; hitting the wall as she exploded into hundreds of pieces, letting her innards splash and drip down the wall. You may have felt awful but I felt privileged. Not everyone is surrounded by such brilliant friends that can play, laugh and share life together. I just happen to be so lucky. You see a smashed glass with wine dripping down the wall. I see another great evening with friends that I will never forget. I would not trade that smashed glass for anything in the world.    -Dave
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What Have You Handcuffed Yourself To?

Dear Anti-War Activist, I find it funny that while I sit here writing, the picture I have in my head is of shirtless guy among thousands of others handcuffed together with a slogan scrawled across your chest, veins bulging out the side of your neck as if they're about to burst while you yell and chant at the top of your lungs, sitting outside a 50 story office building with every passerby staring at you. Our society has made activists out to be these crazy nut jobs simply move from one demonstration to another hoping not to get arrested that day. But we're all activists aren't we? We are all passionate about something aren't we? Some may have more global significance than others but that doesn't matter. What matters is that we stand up for what we believe in. You said something that stuck with me. You said that if we are going to have a future on this earth, we need to start valuing human life and stop killing each other. I agree, and while you're out there being kidnapped in war torn countries and risking your life, I'm here, hiding behind a computer, writing a letter you're probably never going to read. Thank you for standing up.  -Dave
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The Simple Things In Life…

Dear Lemonade Man, They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The beauty seen through your eyes is so quiet and simple and magnificent. There are a lot of people who forget that it's the simple things that matter most. This is the camp where I often reside. Thanks for such an open view into the beauty you see and reminding me that if I just hold on to the simple things, life will be okay.
Keep making lemonade.
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True Beauty And The Illicit Views That Destroy It

Today’s letter was inspired by a girl named Quinn. She is anorexic. She is broken. No, her view of beauty is broken. It hurts to know that the culture I’ve helped create betrayed her. Dear Frail Beauty, It pains me t o know that you don't see your beauty inside. It pains me to know that I've contributed to the cutlure that's blinded you from it. Your honesty and heart remind me of what TRUE BEAUTY is and although you may not see it, so many others do. Because of your story and honesty, I will do my damndest to protect my girls from what our culture imposed on you. . . .I'm so sorry.