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What Have You Handcuffed Yourself To?

Dear Anti-War Activist, I find it funny that while I sit here writing, the picture I have in my head is of shirtless guy among thousands of others handcuffed together with a slogan scrawled across your chest, veins bulging out the side of your neck as if they're about to burst while you yell and chant at the top of your lungs, sitting outside a 50 story office building with every passerby staring at you. Our society has made activists out to be these crazy nut jobs simply move from one demonstration to another hoping not to get arrested that day. But we're all activists aren't we? We are all passionate about something aren't we? Some may have more global significance than others but that doesn't matter. What matters is that we stand up for what we believe in. You said something that stuck with me. You said that if we are going to have a future on this earth, we need to start valuing human life and stop killing each other. I agree, and while you're out there being kidnapped in war torn countries and risking your life, I'm here, hiding behind a computer, writing a letter you're probably never going to read. Thank you for standing up.  -Dave