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Stuck in the middle

Dear Middle Man,

It occurred to me this week amidst all of my moaning and bitching that you probably have the worst job possible. Decisions are made that need to be implemented and regardless of which way the outcome goes, you get the shaft. Great outcomes mean that those above you get praised for being so insightful and forward thinking while you get a pat on the back for doing job. But what’s worse is if things don’t go according to plan. When the shit hits the fan you are the one holding the bag, trying to salvage what you can from a decision gone terribly wrong. You are the one that people point fingers at. You are the one who takes the frustrations of those negatively effected by a terrible call. You are the only face that people know to blame.

You are still just doing your job.

That whole saying of give credit where credit is due doesn’t really seem to apply to you. I was once told that there is no such thing as a wrong decision. There are only decisions that lead to other decisions. Regardless of who negative the outcome, there will always be another decision tomorrow.

It’s now my time to decide. I will do my best to decide to put my big boy pants on and quit taking petty crap out on you, The Middle Man.


        – Dave

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To all the lost ones…

Dear Lost One, It’s hard to imagine the pain, the incredible suffering, that you must have gone through: physically, emotionally, psychologically. It tears my heart out knowing that a life which was meant to be lived in such fullness has been taken. People may say that you took your own life. But I know better. I know better because I took it. Me and every other person who has picked on someone because they’re different: because they don’t look the same way, talk the same way, or believe in the same things that we do. Because they weren’t cool enough. I will never know what it feels like to see things as black and white as you do. I will never know what it’s like to see the world through eyes of someone who as Aspergers. But what your story has encouraged me to do is try. I don’t understand our obsession with grey, as if by being able to blur the middle line enough you can never see when good ends and evil begins we will benefit somehow. The reality is, one may benefit but a whole lot of people lose. For you it was the blatant disregard of what was being done to you on a daily basis: being bullied. We turned our eyes. We said things were okay. We blurred the line. Grey. Our inaction, our selfishness, cost you your life and the many lives of those before you. I am truly sorry. And although I can never tell you this face to face, you are not worthless. Your voice is not silent. Your sacrifice will be remembered forever. – Dave Today’s letter goes out to all those who kids who have lost their life because they were being bullied, and especially to those who are being bullied today. There is no grey: Love One Another. And please go see Bully. It’s in theaters today.
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What are you running for?

Dear Terry Fox Die Hard, I heard your story on the radio the other day. At the time it didn't evoke much more than nonchalant, half-hearted "Hmm" before it out in favour of daydreaming. Although discarded at the time, your story must have impacted me in a way that I have yet to fully understand as it randomly popped to the forefront of my thoughts. What I initially tossed aside was the fact that you merely participtated in the same event for more than 30 years: although a pretty sizeable accomplishment but not unheard of for a man who's almost 80. However, what I failed to connect to at the time was not the fact that you have ran in ever single Terry Fox run since it first started, but the fact that you believe in something so deeply that you have been committed to it for your entire adult life. As the haze lifts from the words I heard you speak I am envious of your passion and dedication. Cancer ultimately got Terry Fox and you have lost loved ones to it's evil grasp as well. What I hear playing in my head now is the story of a man who is not about to give up. Who believes in something so strongly tha t he will not quit. Finding a cure: that's why you run. I wish I had something to run for.             I wish I knew what I wanted to run for.
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Conspiracy Theorist

Dear Conspiracy Theorist, You were quite enjoyable to listen to today. I was inspired by your passion and how you're whole heartedly diving into your theories. Although I don't really believe what you're telling me, your enthusiasm leaves me secretly rooting for you in the hopes that you're right and that you prove me wrong.  -Dave