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Your day may have been shit but I bet you were wearing shoes

Today’s letter goes out to Fadra Nally (@allthingsfadra), a blogger from North Carolina who is taking the Flippin’ Good! Deeds Challenge. Let’s help her change the world and give her an opportunity to see it happen with her own eyes. See how you can help.
Dear Community Shoe Collector, "Even my bad days are good days." The truth of these words hit home as I reflect on the difficult season that I seem to be merely plodding through. There is so much to be grateful for; so much that we can still afford to give back despite the "shitty" situations that we may find ourselves in while living in North America. And you're doing it. You are exploiting the abundance (or as a cynic such as myself would say "the overindulgence") of our excessive western culture by giving back in such a tangible way. Shoes. We're obsessed with them. So much so that we have closets full of them that we've only worn a handful of times that sit waiting to be discovered in the front closet or under the bed only to be thrown in the trash; or if they're really lucky thrown into a garbage bag and hauled down to the second hand store. But not you. You're collecting them, and not because you have a shoe fetish but because you want to change the world and see it with your own eyes. There are a lot of people who don't understand the power and strength of online communities but you GET it. You have inspired me to help however I can. Even if I do live in Canada. You truly are an inspiration and a social role model.          Thank you and god speed.
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“Move Bitch, Get Out The Way” (or Role Model Fail)

Dear White Knuckled Teenager, An audible groan escaped my lips as I pulled up behind you and noticed the big red magnet on the back of the your car. It's as if the black "L" that was plastered in the center was snickering as it stared me in the face, daring me make a move. I sat in the driver seat of my car pouting like a spoiled brat. When I finally had my chance to blow past you I couldn't hit the gas fast enough; exploding out of the merge lane and across two lanes of traffic as if I were street racing Vin Diesel. But as I sped past you time seemed to stand still. What I realized at that moment was enough for me drive even faster without looking in the rear view mirror out of sheer embarrassment. There you were, sweat glistening from your brow with white knuckles clenching the stirring wheel so hard I thought you might actually rip it off the stirring column. The whole idea of community and contributing to raising up future generations was totally lost on me in that moment. I was more focused on getting home 25 seconds quicker than I was about exemplifying what it means to be a responsible driver. Sure you're "just a kid learning how to drive". But what if tomorrow it's a kid learning how to think outside the box? Who am I to shit on their ideas? When did I lose my consciousness of those simply trying to learn and become so . . . . selfish? You're dad was right to tell you that I'm asshole.   I'm sorry.
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A Tragic Picture of Community (When Community is Needed the Most)

Dear Persecuted, Lonely, Would-be Mother, I'm not sure if I've ever met you. If I did, I'll be honest, I'm not sure how I would react. I would hope that my reaction would be far more welcoming than a mob of protesters waving their signs in your face and screaming murderous  accusations at you as the devil himself occupies the spittle flying from their mouths. It took you weeks to muster the courage to take that long aduous walk up to the doors of the clinic. This is the hardest decision you've ever had to make in your young life; and we have made it that much more difficult, painful and shameful.  As I reflect on maybe one day having the chance to meet you, I can't help but feel a deep shame and sense of failure. I'm ashamed because of the way our society treated you. I'm ashamed because I've contributed to a selfish culture that places a higher priority on possessions and being right than it does on helping others and building community. I may not agree with your decision but I can't blame you for it. You were left with little option. You had no one to turn to for help and were faced with a society who is more content to make you feel like shit than to lift a finger and offer to help. No one should endure the immense pain and loneliness that you had to; especially when making the decision to have an abortion.                   I am so sorry
Today’s letter was inspired by the discussion following a recent post on the Freakonomics blog (@freakonomics). It was a poll about whether or not there should be a “parent licensing” process to better ensure that children are “loved” growing up. While the discussion was interesting, I couldn’t help but think of the women, more often young girls, who are faced with the decision of abortion. Today’s letter goes out to them.
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Smashed Wine Glass = Privilege of Friendship

Today’s letter goes out the brilliant and creative Kate Mukasa (@dowimagery). Her and her husband Moses Waswa Mukasa (@MosesWaswa) will no doubt be friends for life.

Dear Intense "Spoons" Player, The wine glass sitting silently to your right had been cheering you on all night, keeping a close watch over the spoons in the middle of the table as the cards circulated at a furious rate. Then in the blink of an eye, without warning, she was gone; hitting the wall as she exploded into hundreds of pieces, letting her innards splash and drip down the wall. You may have felt awful but I felt privileged. Not everyone is surrounded by such brilliant friends that can play, laugh and share life together. I just happen to be so lucky. You see a smashed glass with wine dripping down the wall. I see another great evening with friends that I will never forget. I would not trade that smashed glass for anything in the world.    -Dave
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Two Hand Are Better Than One

Dear Double Clasp Handshaker, There was something overtly genuine as you firmly enclosed your friend's hand between the two of yours, all the while looking him in the eye. It was as if his departure was going to be the worst part of your day. You were engrossed in the moment, wanting to hang on to those last few moments. You weren't thinking about what you had for dinner, or wondering if you remembered to set your PVR to tape American Idol. You weren't thinking about the iPad 2 you were going to buy the next day, or the sea of 140 character updates you had just missed.  You were present. We get so lost these days in the lightning fast world we live that we often miss the things that actually make us tick; that actually encourage us and push on to being brilliant. We blow past the opportunities to spend time with great people. We don't hear the encouraging word that was muttered while our iPods are playing.  We miss the significance of a double clasped handshake.   -Dave
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What The Hell Is That Ringing Noise?

Dear Old School Phone Caller, Not very many people pick up the phone and call to see how things are going anymore. We check our usual social streams and get 140 character updates and assume we're caught up. The notion to call people to see how they're doing or just to shoot the shit doesn't even cross our minds anymore. It's as if the human voice has deminished in weight and lost out to the characters on our screens. Thanks for engaging me in this almost archaic method of real human connection. What's next? I say we bring back the stoop.  -Dave