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Tiny Dancer

Dear Tiny Dancer, There was something special about seeing you today. Maybe it was because there was a smile of pure joy on your face as you were lost in another world, doing something that you love. Maybe it was the pure innocence, recognizing the beauty of a reality that I will never know again. Maybe, just maybe, it was because something behind your bright eyes gave me a glimpse at the hope and excitement which comes so easily to a child of 7 but seems to be such a struggle for a man of 30. Somewhere along the line my hope gave way to sarcasm, pessimism (cloaked by the guise of “realism”), and cynicism. Somewhere along the way I lost the hope of child. Seeing you today helped restore a sense of hope and faith in something that I had lost a large piece of a long time ago. Thank you. – Dave
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Changing the World, One Spray Painted Word At a Time

This throwback to last year was originally dedicated to Dori (aka The Giant) (@DORItheGIANT) for a project she started called Project Goodfitti. It really encouraged and inspired me then and it still does to this day. I’m so glad that she is still creating. Dear Graffiti Girl,
You're doing awesome work putting a positive spin on graffiti. To be able to walk by a wall covered in spray paint and read the words
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The Passion of Your Life’s Work

Dear Italian Coffee Connoisseur, Thanks for giving me an amazing alternative to Starbucks. Your passion for what you di is something to be marvelled. As if that weren't enough, you made my 2 year old daughter's day by giving her a hot chocolate of  her very own. The world is a brighter place because you're in it.  -Dave
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I think it’s pronounced “Yogging”

One year ago today…

Dear Jogger,  I tried to workout this morning and it only lasted 10 minutes. Yet here you are running in the rain. You inspire me.
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Happy Birthday Jamie

Today’s letter goes out to Jamie (@InspiredMess) as it was her birthday on Wednesday. I did actually send this to her on time but I’m finally posting it now that everything is back up and running. If you haven’t yet, wish her a happy belated birthday.

Dear Birthday Girl, Today marks the day that the world changed forever. It marks the start of an era when an inspired mess reaches out and leaves a lasting imprint on ever life that she touches. I'm not sure if growing up you dreamt of encouraging and inspiring a kid from Canada, but that's exactly what you've done. Your warmth and openness shine through every activity you plan for your family and every blog post you share. Today is your birthday and we are all so lucky to be within your reach.
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Are You a Quitter? (I Hope So)

Dear Contemplative Quitter, I can see you teetering back and forth from a mile away, being pushed by the winds of exhaustion and perseverance. Will you quit and move on or dig in and push forward? It's kind of a loaded question. Society has taught us that we can't fail. We need to finish what we've started. We need to strive for perfection, spoon feeding us the bullshit that perfection actually exists. The real question that needs to be asked is this: Is not quitting holding you back from starting a project that will change the world? I can't answer that for you. It's something you're going to have to decide for yourself. If it is, quit. Start another project. Do something that inspires you. We all have things that we've failed at. We're just really good at hiding them from the ridicule of our culture. Let the wind blow you where it will. Don't fight either force. You will end up where you're supposed to be.  -Dave