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Changing the World, One Spray Painted Word At a Time

This throwback to last year was originally dedicated to Dori (aka The Giant) (@DORItheGIANT) for a project she started called Project Goodfitti. It really encouraged and inspired me then and it still does to this day. I’m so glad that she is still creating. Dear Graffiti Girl,
You're doing awesome work putting a positive spin on graffiti. To be able to walk by a wall covered in spray paint and read the words
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Efficiency vs Creativity

Dear Cultural Matriarch, I never expected to have the 2 minute conversation about the push for perfection that our culture has forced on us in recent decades, yet that's exactly where I found myself. With your chin almost resting on my shoulder, you were standing uncomfortably close as your grandson clung to your side. Your assessment of how we illicitly evaluate and reward or punish based on efficiency was spot on. It seems like our factory mentality hastrained us to simply follow the rules and we'll be fine; as if those who wrote those rules think we're idiots who are incapable of an innovative idea. The "failure is not an option" mentallity is what kills creativity and innovation. Keep telling yoru grandson to imagine and create. Keep telling your him to be the best he can be; to not be afraid to fail. He will be great and it will be a result of the solid support the grandmother I met while waiting for my coffee.   -Dave