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Dear Terry Fox Die Hard, I heard your story on the radio the other day. At the time it didn't evoke much more than nonchalant, half-hearted "Hmm" before it out in favour of daydreaming. Although discarded at the time, your story must have impacted me in a way that I have yet to fully understand as it randomly popped to the forefront of my thoughts. What I initially tossed aside was the fact that you merely participtated in the same event for more than 30 years: although a pretty sizeable accomplishment but not unheard of for a man who's almost 80. However, what I failed to connect to at the time was not the fact that you have ran in ever single Terry Fox run since it first started, but the fact that you believe in something so deeply that you have been committed to it for your entire adult life. As the haze lifts from the words I heard you speak I am envious of your passion and dedication. Cancer ultimately got Terry Fox and you have lost loved ones to it's evil grasp as well. What I hear playing in my head now is the story of a man who is not about to give up. Who believes in something so strongly tha t he will not quit. Finding a cure: that's why you run. I wish I had something to run for.             I wish I knew what I wanted to run for.