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Platforms Were Made to Change Lives vs. My Wife Makes Me Watch (I Swear)

Dear Maker of Dreams, Some may read this letter and think it's a shameless plug. From some perspectives, they may be right. But when someone inspires and engages in beautiful acts of humanity, it moves me. The cynic may even say that when you have lots of money it's easy to make people's dreams come true and they would be right in that assessment as well. But what I find so fascinating and encouraging about you is that you have worked hard for the platform that you now occupy and you're not skwandering it. It is not a place for you to shine in the spotlight but rather for you touch people in ways that they never dreamed possible. Yesterday you changed the lives of two little girls who got to not only meet their idol but perform with her as well. . . live on TV. Sure it'll probably come back to haunt them come graduation day I guarantee that they will never forget it.  I have seen so many people in your position treat it like a rightful throne. I have seen them use it for solely their own gain or push an agenda that is detrimental to the human spirit. But not you. Every day you set out to make people smile, laugh and most of all dance. You set out to change the lives of talented YouTube nobodies. You believe in people and share a humanity that often seems lost in selfish culture.
Today’s letter goes out to Ellen DeGeneres (@THEELLENSHOW) whose heart to make people happy and change their lives comes out every day.
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“Move Bitch, Get Out The Way” (or Role Model Fail)

Dear White Knuckled Teenager, An audible groan escaped my lips as I pulled up behind you and noticed the big red magnet on the back of the your car. It's as if the black "L" that was plastered in the center was snickering as it stared me in the face, daring me make a move. I sat in the driver seat of my car pouting like a spoiled brat. When I finally had my chance to blow past you I couldn't hit the gas fast enough; exploding out of the merge lane and across two lanes of traffic as if I were street racing Vin Diesel. But as I sped past you time seemed to stand still. What I realized at that moment was enough for me drive even faster without looking in the rear view mirror out of sheer embarrassment. There you were, sweat glistening from your brow with white knuckles clenching the stirring wheel so hard I thought you might actually rip it off the stirring column. The whole idea of community and contributing to raising up future generations was totally lost on me in that moment. I was more focused on getting home 25 seconds quicker than I was about exemplifying what it means to be a responsible driver. Sure you're "just a kid learning how to drive". But what if tomorrow it's a kid learning how to think outside the box? Who am I to shit on their ideas? When did I lose my consciousness of those simply trying to learn and become so . . . . selfish? You're dad was right to tell you that I'm asshole.   I'm sorry.
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“I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!”

Dear Cannibalistic Christian,  It's always bothered me how you treat people who are supposedly your "brothers & sisters in christ". I never understand how you can be so hurtful towards your own people. It pains me to see that. But what hurts even more is that I'm looking in the mirror.  -
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Breakin`the law, Breakin`the law

One year ago today…

Dear Driving Cell Phone User, Have you realized that it's illegal to talk on your cell phone while you drive? I know it's a hard habit to break but maybe we could work together to up with a campaign that makes it easier to stop. I'm not convinced that tickets are effective.  -Dave