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“Move Bitch, Get Out The Way” (or Role Model Fail)

Dear White Knuckled Teenager, An audible groan escaped my lips as I pulled up behind you and noticed the big red magnet on the back of the your car. It's as if the black "L" that was plastered in the center was snickering as it stared me in the face, daring me make a move. I sat in the driver seat of my car pouting like a spoiled brat. When I finally had my chance to blow past you I couldn't hit the gas fast enough; exploding out of the merge lane and across two lanes of traffic as if I were street racing Vin Diesel. But as I sped past you time seemed to stand still. What I realized at that moment was enough for me drive even faster without looking in the rear view mirror out of sheer embarrassment. There you were, sweat glistening from your brow with white knuckles clenching the stirring wheel so hard I thought you might actually rip it off the stirring column. The whole idea of community and contributing to raising up future generations was totally lost on me in that moment. I was more focused on getting home 25 seconds quicker than I was about exemplifying what it means to be a responsible driver. Sure you're "just a kid learning how to drive". But what if tomorrow it's a kid learning how to think outside the box? Who am I to shit on their ideas? When did I lose my consciousness of those simply trying to learn and become so . . . . selfish? You're dad was right to tell you that I'm asshole.   I'm sorry.