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Restoring My Faith In Humanity, 15 Minutes At A Time

Dear Selfless Change Agent, The simplicity in how you choose to impact people's lives is nothing short of genius. I never would have thought that 15 minutes, a week to do good for a stranger, could change their life.  But you did. Now there are thousands of people following your lead, changing the world, 15 minutes at a time. That's why I have faith in humanity. YOU. ARE. BRILLIANT.
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“Don’t Look So Serious!”

Dear Random Heckler,
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“Don’t Take Yourself So Serious”

Dear Random Heckler, "Don't look so serious!" Your passing interruption struck me as I was writing my non-urgent email. Do I look serious all the time? Am I so serious that I miss opportunities to create art or see the beauty around me? What would it be like if we all took ourselves a little less seriously? I wish I knew where you worked so I could walk passed your office and return the favour.  -Dave
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True Beauty And The Illicit Views That Destroy It

Today’s letter was inspired by a girl named Quinn. She is anorexic. She is broken. No, her view of beauty is broken. It hurts to know that the culture I’ve helped create betrayed her. Dear Frail Beauty, It pains me t o know that you don't see your beauty inside. It pains me to know that I've contributed to the cutlure that's blinded you from it. Your honesty and heart remind me of what TRUE BEAUTY is and although you may not see it, so many others do. Because of your story and honesty, I will do my damndest to protect my girls from what our culture imposed on you. . . .I'm so sorry.
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Scared Shitless (and the Love of a Father)

Dear Awkward Dad, The way you held your infant son, I could tell he was your first. In your eyes I saw a timidness that betrayed your fear of possibly breaking him if you held him the wrong way. At the same time I saw the love of a father who would give his life to make sure his boy is never broken. Don't ever lose either look from your eyes. Your son is lucky to have you.
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Hiring Staff vs. Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Dear Retail Recruiter, I like how you advertise careers. It sounds more alluring than
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The Enveloping Power of Imagination (and a good book)

Dear Engrossed Pedestrian, I felt bad that you missed the entire pedestrian walk light after waiting to cross the street. I'm glad to know your book was really, really good though. I wonder what kind of brilliance would surface if our culture allowed us to get enveloped by our imaginations to the point where we miss crossing the street. Dream on my friend. I think you're on to something.
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Bringing the world together…only every four years?

Dear Ecstatic Spaniard, It was awesome to see you celebrating your World Cup win. Seeing how that event seemed to bring your whole nation together was inspiring; hopeful even. why is sthere so much time between events where we root for a common goal? Maybe if we set aside our selfish agendas more often we'd find things to fight for together; things beyond sports.
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Nautical Parties and Pervy Looking Friends

Dear Pervy Mustache Guy,
I gald you don drive a white windowless van. I also glad that you were just wearing a costume and that I don't actually have to worry about my daughters wanting to play with you. Although if you rocked the tight yellow shorts, unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, aviators and pervy mustache all the time, that WOULD be pretty awesome. (P.S. - Love nautical themed parties.)
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Job Creation vs. Perpetuating a Culture of Hyper Consumerism

Dear Black Clad Mall Employee,
I not sure wheter to smile or cry when I see you. On one hand youe an integral part of making shopping malls such a great place to hang out, especially for kids on summer break. On the other hand, you illustrate our culture obsessive love affair with consumerism. I can help but associate you with the latter.