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Can Art Change The World?

Today’s letter was inspired by JR, the 2011 TED Prize winner for his inside out project. Watch the video below

Dear Portrait Paster, A portrait covering the wall of a building. Another enveloping a staircase. The faces of the family whose children were murdered grace the beat up houses on dusty hillside, forming one of the most magnificent family portraits I have ever seen. The eyes and smiles of children cover the roofs of the shanty town where they live; the pictures doubling as waterproof shelter. Every piece you create means something. They force us and those that see them to think. They force us to make a choice: we can wake up and see the beauty of human life or continue on in blissful ignorance, assuming we're the only ones in the world that matter. You recently asked, "Can art change the world." The answer is obvious. You are already doing it.  -Dave