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The bigger you are, the harder you fall (and that’s not such a bad thing)

Dear Weeping Giant, I have never lost a best friend so I won't pretend like I know what you've been through - what you're going through. What I can do is empathize. That is the beauty of the human soul: it's connected to those around it. I may not know you, but your soul speaks volumes of the pain you feel for losing a best friend. I can see the pain through your clenched teeth and tearful eyes. I can see regret and longing in your twisted brow. But most of all I can see the joy of personally knowing his brilliance and his heart tugging the corner of your mouth into a slight, knowing smile. That is unmistakable. In those brief moments when I saw you I knew the world had lost a good man. Your friend was not the first, nor will he be last. With every other soul that leaves us behind, we will mourn the loss but more importantly will celebrate their life: together as one connected heart.  -Dave