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The product of lovers torn apart

Dear Resilient Father, Tonight, as I sit in the shadows, mildly engrossed in the movie that is playing, watching your daughter’s face glow in the screen light, there is an image that I just can’t shake. It is of you, holding the head of your beloved, stroking her beautiful blond hair away from her face for the very last time before she slips through your fingers as the final grains of sand tumble through the hourglass. Everything is silent. Still. She is gone. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like for you in that moment, the moment when the love of your life was prematurely taken. The moment when you were entrusted to raise your little girl into a wonderful loving mother even though she had barely known her own. As I watch your daughter’s chest rise and fall in her sleep it is impossible to hold back the tears. You have raised a strong, brave, beautiful woman who is the greatest mother in the world. I have no idea how you did it, but you did. Thank you. To the angel watching from above, I know that you are smiling down as you watch your lovely take on the world of motherhood on her own. I know that you are so proud of her. You have been her guiding force. I am sorry that I never got to meet you. That I never got to see you laugh and joke and bring your family so much joy, the joy that I saw in pictures. I promise to cherish and protect your most prized possession. I hope that I will not disappoint you. – Dave
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Dear Team Player

Dear Team Player

You’ve been around for years on our team. One thing I heard you say repeatedly is that you’re a team player. As with anyone, you had your share of mistakes and failure under pressure but your resilience and integrity was never in question.

People can be mean, especially when the chips fall – and because of your position – you usually take “the hit” for the team. Still, however, you walk tall and trust in your integrity; so rare these days and encouraging to see.

I’ll admit, I’ve occasionally been a “finger pointer” when you’ve let me down. Sometimes when decisions are so ludicrous and faulty it’s hard to not criticize, constructively or not.

Well, to no real fault of your own, you are moving on. No one officially asked you to leave but you are wise and knew when it was time. And you requested to leave with such class, again maintaining your loyalty to the team and that you are a team player. “Whatever is best for the team is what the decision is ultimately about.”

Yes, you will definitely be missed. Your impact on our team was record-setting. You’ve helped us more than any other in your position in the past. It’s astonishing how quickly we turn and forget.
I wish you all the best in your next organization and that you’ll take them to new heights.

Roberto Luongo, you really are all-class.

Everyone makes mistakes. I hope that letting you go isn’t one of ours.

A Canucks Fan

Today’s letter was written by Name: Glen Twitter: GlenCochrane Blog: https://plus.google.com/110257423245830118742 Written From: Canada
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Dear The Boy with Wings,

You’ve brought up the night we met from a few years back, and I always change the subject… We were in a college apartment in Chicago before we went adventuring around in the dark streets, catching unfamiliar buses and trains to a stranger’s house hidden in the concrete of the city. You met your girlfriend, and I met my then-boyfriend. You two were roommates. I often stuffed myself into your small, single room dorm. You were a bit rough with me and I don’t think I appreciated it much, you often intimidated me.
Who would have thought I would be the one showing you around my hometown you ended up in six years later?
I wrote you a letter last night. But I don’t plan on giving it to you. Not for a while, at least.
It has secret moments hidden within my cursive lines. Like, how when I first laid eyes on you boys in that apartment, who were standing in the kitchen and I really wanted YOU to come talk to me.
And on the bus, I was shocked we never uttered a word to each other… You never gave me a backwards glance, even though I kept trying to stare you down.
Little did I know at the time, my choice was taken away from me by the simple word of “dibs.” Did you realize your roommate and I got into quite the argument about that?
And I realize now, laughing with you and playing those unique, fascinating board games that I was mad about not having a chance that first night.
Did you know you gave me your first compliment and I about died? It was on a double date to Olive Garden (because we were in college) and you said my hair looked nice- I am pretty sure I stumbled and threw myself into the backseat to hide my quickly-reddening face.
We never really got along then though… You were too aggressive for my sensitive self.
I wrote you off the first night we met as semi-grown ups too… And then when I went to your house you admired your neighbor’s beauty, and I figured you weren’t interested…
So I wasn’t interested either…
But you went to my birthday celebration, and I got too drunk, and to this day you never mention anything about it (mostly, just to save me from embarrassment). You hugged me and stayed with me the whole night even though I could barely speak and just kept smiling stupidly at everything.
You sang in your car the other day. With no music, because as far as I can tell, when you have company you don’t listen to it as you drive. But I didn’t want you to stop, my belly was so full and I kept smiling… and I wanted you to go on, try to remind me of that song even though I knew it would be fruitless. I’ve never heard of those words strung together in my life- instead you said you would message me a list of songs you recommend. I agreed quickly, until I realized that meant you stopped singing…
You once said you like to do the “slow-burn thing” take your time courting a girl… and I am sincerely hoping that this is your intention with me. You also muttered that because of this you don’t like having friends who are girls, and I looked at you and threw out my arms, while demanding, “…then what am I.” You smiled and kept walking, and to save us from an awkward moment I talked about a book that the situation made me think of…
Was I completely oblivious? Am I oblivious now? Are we just friends? Or is there more?
My time is running out in this place, and I might come back here [but I think my chance of that happening is slim, and you think my chance is even slimmer than I do] And because you continue stating you don’t believe in long distance relationships…
It makes it kind of hard to tell you how I feel.
Perhaps if you didn’t keep repeating your opinions about lovers through distance, I would tell you that playing board games while listening to music is my ideal Friday night, I have it written on so many of my “who to date” lists. So is engaging in creativity… like when you play guitar while I sketch, feeding off inspiration…
I would tell you that I laugh really incredibly hard with you, and like walking on the beach on our way to get food, running away from those random, persistent waves that try to tackle our feet.
And also, that you are going to make a girl very, VERY happy one day…
And I am selfishly hoping that I can be that girl.
So instead of giving you my letter I am hiding behind pixels and keys for right now. Passionately hoping you never stumble upon this, and kind of wishing you would…
A [female] Polar Bear

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: A sunny place
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Screw You and Your Laughter, I’m Miserable

Dear Loud Obnoxious Pub Patrons, It’s been a hell of day. I awoke to the remnants of what looked like toddler fight club as a blood soaked pajama shirt was strewn on the floor in front of a blood spattered sink and mirror; the casualties of last night’s 4 year old midnight nosebleed. I feel as though I just suckered into another 2 months of free work on a pro-bono project that should’ve ended months ago. Now, I’m sitting in a pub eating supper by myself after leaving home more than 12 hours earlier, waiting to meet a friend. And you’re over there full of shits and giggles, pounding fists on the shuffle board table, downing jager bombs, not giving a damn about those around you. How dare you have a great time while I’m miserable. But why is it that my misery needs to bring you down? Why is that my needs are the center of the universe? Can…rather shouldn’t your laughter and boisterous antics lift me out of the shit instead of my whining and complaining drag you down? Why do I insist on remaining in this dark and defeated place instead of allowing your joy to soothe my soul? Carry on. I am probably not the only who needs what you are prescribing. – Dave
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I Am Joseph Kony

Dear Naked World Changer, It’s ironic isn’t it? We ask for young leaders like you to stand up and lead us in the fight for humanity; for what we believe in. We ask for young leaders to change the world. Yet as soon as someone like you emerges, we are quick to ridicule, criticize and ostracize. In a few short days, your film had been seen more than 100 million times. People passionately supported your call for justice. They signed up in droves to blanket cities with posters and pictures so that everyone who woke up this morning would know the name of Joseph Kony. Today, I saw 3 posters. People have said your mission failed. They have said that you failed. And from some perspectives that may be true. But today, I did not see that a mission failed. I did not see that the vision of bringing a destroyer of humanity to justice had been derailed. I saw something entirely different. I saw the sheer torture and torment that a narcissistic society is capable of bestowing on their prey. I saw the devastation and scars that were left by the hypocrites who say they want to change the world before they cast the first stone. We lifted you up, and tore you down in a matter of hours. We embodied your heart and passion for justice before sucking the very life from your bones in the same breath. We cried as we watched your masterpiece then mocked as you danced naked in the street. We engaged and shot you to the moon then stood back with indifference as we watched you plummet to earth. Kony needs to be brought to justice. There is no doubt. He is visible, and will one day get what he deserves. But what about the terrorists that torment souls each and every day in silence and anonymity? What about those who destroy lives while hiding behind computer screens and Twitter usernames? Are we any different than the men who destroy lives with guns and machetes? I am Joseph Kony. I am not the man you made famous. No. I still have the luxury of destroying lives without anyone seeing my face or knowing my name. I am fortunate enough to live in a society that devours their own without consequence. I have destroyed your life and I will no doubt do it again. I am Joseph Kony; and I pray to god you find me and bring me to justice. From the darkest part of my soul, – Dave
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Dear Christopher Robin

You bring out the lover and the fighter within me. If someone would’ve told me a year ago that me and you would be best friends, confidantes, and even significant others the coming year, I would’ve laughed and said it was impossible.

The fact of the matter is, however, what I deemed impossible has become a reality. God has been so good to us. If it weren’t for Him, our ‘now’ would never even exist.

All I can do now is say– in the words of Scott Pilgrim– I’m in lesbians with you. My heart is beating in a new rhythm that I never even realized existed within me. Even when I get annoyed (without you even knowing it, I might add) at some things you say, my affection for you outweighs the momentary irritation.

One more thing… I believe with all my heart that God gave me you.

Sincerely, your Winnie the Pooh.

Today’s letter was written by Name: A. A Twitter: @lejene26 Blog: Written From: Home
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Dear Boy With the Twinkle in His Eye

I will never forget promises we whispered to each other in the cold nights. I will never forget your strength and the heart behind all of your giving. There is so much behind your smile and your words that a girl can get lost in it and feel… everything. All true meanings of what it is truly like to be able to tell our hurts and share our scars. I felt your love as strongly as I never imagined I could, I feel it every time your eyes met mine and you matched my pain every. single. time. There were so many times that your smile was the haven to my breaking heart, reaching across the room and enveloping me with your endless love. Which I allowed myself to be pulled into again and again and again.
Today, you have gathered me in your arms again, pulling me in and offering to be my rock as you have selflessly done so in the past. But for the first time since you first allowed me to seek refuge in your arms, I had the strength to pull away and face the world alone.
So thank you. Because you are the one who taught me that.
Yours, with all my heart.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Canada
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Dear girl who guards lives

I see you every day for two or three minutes at the most. I know more about your life than you think I know. My heart breaks for you and if I knew of anything I could do for you, I would do it. But somehow, your 16 year old self stays strong. You are different from your peers in so many ways but that doesn’t deter you. And from afar, I admire you and silently cheer you on. Stay strong. Keep chasing those dreams you’ve shared. And in the meantime, I’ll be here to listen to a few sentences about your day as I walk on by.

Today’s letter was written by Name: C Twitter: Blog: Written From: Washington
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Dear G

Even though we met a couple years ago in cowtown, and you had to go back home to your Ktown a short time later, I think I loved you and I’ve never been able to get over you. And now that I see you’ve moved on, I have to too. Thanks for all the times we shared together, I’ll never forget you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Cowtown
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Dear New Acquiantance

I stumbled onto your Facebook profile today and I found the missing piece. My heart’s been saying that there’s something I’m not seeing when I look at you and intercept those glances you throw my way. I didn’t think there could ever be anything between us. Your favorite quotes made me stop and reconsider. We have one in common and your other ones make me nod my head and smile. Instead of looking away whenever I see you glance over, maybe I’ll meet your gaze and let you know I see you seeing me. I think we could be friends, real friends. Let’s talk, have a real conversation and show me your heart as I reveal mine. Until then, when I see you hiding behind your headphones, I’ll know that you’re more than the aloof person I thought you were all because of that quote by e.e.cummings.

We’ll be friends someday,
Until then I’ll just be the girl who sits across from you and catches the glances you throw her way.

Today’s letter was written by Name: The New One Twitter: Blog: Written From: Malaysia