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Dear New Acquiantance

I stumbled onto your Facebook profile today and I found the missing piece. My heart’s been saying that there’s something I’m not seeing when I look at you and intercept those glances you throw my way. I didn’t think there could ever be anything between us. Your favorite quotes made me stop and reconsider. We have one in common and your other ones make me nod my head and smile. Instead of looking away whenever I see you glance over, maybe I’ll meet your gaze and let you know I see you seeing me. I think we could be friends, real friends. Let’s talk, have a real conversation and show me your heart as I reveal mine. Until then, when I see you hiding behind your headphones, I’ll know that you’re more than the aloof person I thought you were all because of that quote by e.e.cummings.

We’ll be friends someday,
Until then I’ll just be the girl who sits across from you and catches the glances you throw her way.

Today’s letter was written by Name: The New One Twitter: Blog: Written From: Malaysia