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To the men of the world

Dear Men of Planet Earth,

I’m sympathetic, slightly. I don’t understand the appeal, but I know that for some reason, God created you to be attracted a certain way, and He created women to appeal to that attraction. Here’s the thing: When we’re having a conversation, I (as a woman) am looking at your eyes. I SEE you. I see your eyes dart away from mine. I SEE YOU. Do you get that? When you’re walking past me in a hallway, and we make eye contact, and then your eyes dart down, I SEE YOU. We all see you. I’d love to say that it’s flattering, but when your wife is standing a few feet away, or happens to be one of my friends . . . it’s sick, and it’s awkward. So you think boobs are cool. Awesome. I’m not a guy (or a lesbian), so I totally don’t get it. But I know that they’re private, and that these girls aren’t yours. So do the women of the world a favor and work on your eye contact, and remember, WE SEE YOU. EVERY. TIME.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: Hot hot heat, TX