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Moms the Word

Dear Moms,

You are the greatest.

There is not much else that needs to be said. Without you, none of us would exist.

You brought each of us into the world. You fed us. You snuggled us. You tickled us and made us giggle. You laughed with us. You cried with us. You wiped our tears and helped heal our wounds. You showed us how to love.

You gave up your life to give us everything.

And we all love you for that.

One day of breakfast in bed and arbitrary gifts is not enough to express how grateful we are for everything you have done.

Today is your day. Make sure that you get spoiled.

You deserve it.

Thank you.

With all the love that it is my being,

– The one who takes you for granted 364 days of the year.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Wherever Moms Are
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The product of lovers torn apart

Dear Resilient Father, Tonight, as I sit in the shadows, mildly engrossed in the movie that is playing, watching your daughter’s face glow in the screen light, there is an image that I just can’t shake. It is of you, holding the head of your beloved, stroking her beautiful blond hair away from her face for the very last time before she slips through your fingers as the final grains of sand tumble through the hourglass. Everything is silent. Still. She is gone. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like for you in that moment, the moment when the love of your life was prematurely taken. The moment when you were entrusted to raise your little girl into a wonderful loving mother even though she had barely known her own. As I watch your daughter’s chest rise and fall in her sleep it is impossible to hold back the tears. You have raised a strong, brave, beautiful woman who is the greatest mother in the world. I have no idea how you did it, but you did. Thank you. To the angel watching from above, I know that you are smiling down as you watch your lovely take on the world of motherhood on her own. I know that you are so proud of her. You have been her guiding force. I am sorry that I never got to meet you. That I never got to see you laugh and joke and bring your family so much joy, the joy that I saw in pictures. I promise to cherish and protect your most prized possession. I hope that I will not disappoint you. – Dave
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Dear The Boy with Wings,

You’ve brought up the night we met from a few years back, and I always change the subject… We were in a college apartment in Chicago before we went adventuring around in the dark streets, catching unfamiliar buses and trains to a stranger’s house hidden in the concrete of the city. You met your girlfriend, and I met my then-boyfriend. You two were roommates. I often stuffed myself into your small, single room dorm. You were a bit rough with me and I don’t think I appreciated it much, you often intimidated me.
Who would have thought I would be the one showing you around my hometown you ended up in six years later?
I wrote you a letter last night. But I don’t plan on giving it to you. Not for a while, at least.
It has secret moments hidden within my cursive lines. Like, how when I first laid eyes on you boys in that apartment, who were standing in the kitchen and I really wanted YOU to come talk to me.
And on the bus, I was shocked we never uttered a word to each other… You never gave me a backwards glance, even though I kept trying to stare you down.
Little did I know at the time, my choice was taken away from me by the simple word of “dibs.” Did you realize your roommate and I got into quite the argument about that?
And I realize now, laughing with you and playing those unique, fascinating board games that I was mad about not having a chance that first night.
Did you know you gave me your first compliment and I about died? It was on a double date to Olive Garden (because we were in college) and you said my hair looked nice- I am pretty sure I stumbled and threw myself into the backseat to hide my quickly-reddening face.
We never really got along then though… You were too aggressive for my sensitive self.
I wrote you off the first night we met as semi-grown ups too… And then when I went to your house you admired your neighbor’s beauty, and I figured you weren’t interested…
So I wasn’t interested either…
But you went to my birthday celebration, and I got too drunk, and to this day you never mention anything about it (mostly, just to save me from embarrassment). You hugged me and stayed with me the whole night even though I could barely speak and just kept smiling stupidly at everything.
You sang in your car the other day. With no music, because as far as I can tell, when you have company you don’t listen to it as you drive. But I didn’t want you to stop, my belly was so full and I kept smiling… and I wanted you to go on, try to remind me of that song even though I knew it would be fruitless. I’ve never heard of those words strung together in my life- instead you said you would message me a list of songs you recommend. I agreed quickly, until I realized that meant you stopped singing…
You once said you like to do the “slow-burn thing” take your time courting a girl… and I am sincerely hoping that this is your intention with me. You also muttered that because of this you don’t like having friends who are girls, and I looked at you and threw out my arms, while demanding, “…then what am I.” You smiled and kept walking, and to save us from an awkward moment I talked about a book that the situation made me think of…
Was I completely oblivious? Am I oblivious now? Are we just friends? Or is there more?
My time is running out in this place, and I might come back here [but I think my chance of that happening is slim, and you think my chance is even slimmer than I do] And because you continue stating you don’t believe in long distance relationships…
It makes it kind of hard to tell you how I feel.
Perhaps if you didn’t keep repeating your opinions about lovers through distance, I would tell you that playing board games while listening to music is my ideal Friday night, I have it written on so many of my “who to date” lists. So is engaging in creativity… like when you play guitar while I sketch, feeding off inspiration…
I would tell you that I laugh really incredibly hard with you, and like walking on the beach on our way to get food, running away from those random, persistent waves that try to tackle our feet.
And also, that you are going to make a girl very, VERY happy one day…
And I am selfishly hoping that I can be that girl.
So instead of giving you my letter I am hiding behind pixels and keys for right now. Passionately hoping you never stumble upon this, and kind of wishing you would…
A [female] Polar Bear

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: A sunny place
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Dear Christopher Robin

You bring out the lover and the fighter within me. If someone would’ve told me a year ago that me and you would be best friends, confidantes, and even significant others the coming year, I would’ve laughed and said it was impossible.

The fact of the matter is, however, what I deemed impossible has become a reality. God has been so good to us. If it weren’t for Him, our ‘now’ would never even exist.

All I can do now is say– in the words of Scott Pilgrim– I’m in lesbians with you. My heart is beating in a new rhythm that I never even realized existed within me. Even when I get annoyed (without you even knowing it, I might add) at some things you say, my affection for you outweighs the momentary irritation.

One more thing… I believe with all my heart that God gave me you.

Sincerely, your Winnie the Pooh.

Today’s letter was written by Name: A. A Twitter: @lejene26 Blog: Written From: Home
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Dear G

Even though we met a couple years ago in cowtown, and you had to go back home to your Ktown a short time later, I think I loved you and I’ve never been able to get over you. And now that I see you’ve moved on, I have to too. Thanks for all the times we shared together, I’ll never forget you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Cowtown
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An Open Letter To My Future Wife

Hey Wife,

I hope that you are doing well today. I know that you are and that God is protecting you and your heart. I’m sorry if you’ve ever been hurt. I’m sorry if some guy told you that he loved you and then broke your heart soon after. I’m sorry, but you must know that I’ve done the same (without saying that I love you).

I want you to know that I pray and think about you everyday. I want you to know that I’ll do whatever it takes to fight for you and pursue you. I desire to have what it takes, even if people tell me that I can’t have you or that you’re way out of my league. When we’re together, you make my heart thump more than anything (except for Jesus of course).

You love me regardless of my faults, and I love you equally. God reveals Himself to me through you and He reveals Himself to you through me. We learn about God as we learn about ourselves.

I know that guys get a bad wrap when it comes to cooking, but I want to let you know that, while I may not be the best, I’ll give it a shot. After all, I do make a killer French Toast recipe, or so I’m told. When I see you my heart wells up in side. Not only do I love your outward beauty, but I also love your inward beauty as well. I’ll miss you when I’m teaching everyday. I’ll tell my elementary school kids about you and this will give me an opportunity to share our story with them. Who knows? Maybe it will be a platform for me to lead a few of them to Jesus Christ.

When we get married, we are going to think things are perfect. We’ll go on thinking everything is okay and then we’ll have kids. I’ll try my best to serve you with my all, but I know I’ll fail at times. I’m not perfect and if I was I’d be Jesus. Thank you for showing me love even when I fail.

I realize that we’re going to have our fair share of arguments. My face will probably be red, and sometimes I might take a walk because I’m so mad. But I want you to know that I’m sorry. Would you forgive me?

Thank you for accepting me for who I am and not what I do. I realize that my job is something that I’m going to love dearly, but my identity is found in Jesus Christ.

I don’t think I’ve met you yet, but maybe I have. When I find you, I’m going to pursue you like God pursued me. He knows me inwardly and outwardly, and I want to know the same stuff about you.

Lastly, I wanted to say that there are going to be some things I’ve done in my past that are sad and pretty pathetic. I’m going to tell you these things at some point in our relationship (most likely) before marriage. Some of these things are going to make you mad and sad. You’re going to know me inwardly and outwardly. Thank you for loving and accepting me enough to forgive me for what I’ve already done.

I miss you and hope to find you one day.

Until then, I’m going to talk to God about you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Puerto Rico
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You make the world go ’round

Dear patient love giver,

I often wonder why it is you wake up beside me each morning in our life and not in someone else’s. God knows there is a better (easier?) place that you could be.

The reality is I’m selfish, inconsiderate, stubborn and short tempered. I’m insecure, scared, and often too much of pansy to jump into the adventures I’ve dreamt for us so many times. You could have (maybe should have) left for someone who was already living the adventure.

You patiently wait.

And not passively either. You work your ass off to keep things in order, raise our kids and push me to be better and bolder, even though I often disregard your encouragement and building up as an obligation.

You stay.

You don’t have to, but you do. Maybe it’s because you know something that I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you know that this thing that I call a “wasted life” is where the real adventure is being lived. Maybe it’s because you know that once I wake up and help live the adventure you’re already living, things will be infinitely better than they ever could be with some other schmuck.

Maybe it’s because you know that if you left I would be devastated, again putting me above yourself.

I don’t deserve you. But you are here. I just pray that when I awake tomorrow you will still be there beside me, anxiously waiting to see if I will start to live the adventure that you’ve already created.

I pray to god I will. I will sure as hell try my best.

I love you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Canada
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A Match Made In Twitter Heaven

Dear Twitter Love Birds, "You've Got Mail" seems like nothing more than a nursery rhyme compared to the epic tale of love that spanned many months and thousands of miles all while being told 140 characters at a time. Your story is one that is about so much more than love: it is story about human connection and how our digital cultural has made it more possible and more enriching than ever. The boundaries of connectedness have faded to nothing when they once confined us to merely our geographic region. The Cynics will say that the attention span of our digital generation is rapidly dwindling and that we're losing the ability to make real human connections. But the two of you have debunked that myth. The world is more accessible than ever. With that comes ability to find the true love that you were created for: the one that you are destined for.
Today’s letter goes out to brilliant Max Dubinsky (@MaxDubinsky) and the ever inspiring Lauren Lankford (now Dubinsky) (@LaurenDubinsky). Their’s is a story of true love that came together atop a cliff in Colorado.
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The Power of One Little Smile

Dear Screaming Baby, I hate to admit it but you often bring out the worst in me. My patience for your shrill cries is wearing thin. I'm sure you know that because I usually don't hold back from telling you. You drive me crazy. Then in one brief moment of silence, you smile at me with your big blue eyes and melt my heart which fixes everything. I love you,
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Scared Shitless (and the Love of a Father)

Dear Awkward Dad, The way you held your infant son, I could tell he was your first. In your eyes I saw a timidness that betrayed your fear of possibly breaking him if you held him the wrong way. At the same time I saw the love of a father who would give his life to make sure his boy is never broken. Don't ever lose either look from your eyes. Your son is lucky to have you.