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You make the world go ’round

Dear patient love giver,

I often wonder why it is you wake up beside me each morning in our life and not in someone else’s. God knows there is a better (easier?) place that you could be.

The reality is I’m selfish, inconsiderate, stubborn and short tempered. I’m insecure, scared, and often too much of pansy to jump into the adventures I’ve dreamt for us so many times. You could have (maybe should have) left for someone who was already living the adventure.

You patiently wait.

And not passively either. You work your ass off to keep things in order, raise our kids and push me to be better and bolder, even though I often disregard your encouragement and building up as an obligation.

You stay.

You don’t have to, but you do. Maybe it’s because you know something that I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you know that this thing that I call a “wasted life” is where the real adventure is being lived. Maybe it’s because you know that once I wake up and help live the adventure you’re already living, things will be infinitely better than they ever could be with some other schmuck.

Maybe it’s because you know that if you left I would be devastated, again putting me above yourself.

I don’t deserve you. But you are here. I just pray that when I awake tomorrow you will still be there beside me, anxiously waiting to see if I will start to live the adventure that you’ve already created.

I pray to god I will. I will sure as hell try my best.

I love you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Canada