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One Day at a Time

Dear Neighbour,

When I saw you yesterday, my heart sank. The battle you have been fighting for so long finally look itself to a terribly deep place and it involved those around you. Your choice made me want to scream at you!

When we talked today you had deep regret for the choice you made. I pray that it will show you that what you have in your life is worth while. That as hard as it is to fight the temptation of reaching for a bottle, it’s not the answer. I hope that it opened your eyes to how much worse you could have made things.

I hope this makes you fight. Fight for your family, fight for your child, but most of all, fight for yourself. Because you are worth it! You have a light inside that, although flickering, can be re-ignighted as long as you start to see the beauty in you.

I pray you start to see it and that you start believing that it is possible to be strong again. It may take time but the healing will come.

One day at a time.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Kelowna, BC