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The Shadows Will Swallow You Whole

Dear Shadow Lurker, I can understand why you stay where you do, poking your head out just long enough for the odd passerby to recognize that there is life that dances behind your eyes. But you immediately retreat to the shadows where the countless shades of grey are indistinguishable to everyone but you. At first it didn't make sense but now it is so clear. I wondered why anyone would want to live so isolated and alone, hiding their brilliance from all but those who have looked them in the eye: Confidence, or lack thereof. As you stand with your back against the wall, the grey of the shadows swallows your confidence in the same darkness that envelops the glimmer in your eye. Supressing your confidence allows you not to challenge yourself. It allows you to remain mediocre. . . if that. Do us all a favour: step from the shadows & challenge yourself. You will be brilliant. PS - The confidence will come.  -The Mirror