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The Moments We’ll Never Miss

Dear Door Holder, I appreciated your gesture; I really did. The few moments you took out of your day to wait for me to catch so I didn't have to open the door myself was not lost me. It was actually contagious as I the door for the next person. One thought did strike me as interesting though. Taking time out of our day and holding a door is something most of do as a gesture of goodwill, yet most of us are fully capable of opening doors ourselves. We do it because inherently, we want to help others and because it's convenient. But what would happen if we took those moments and helped someone with something they can't do for themselves? What if we even went out of our way? Maybe it's as easy as helping a single mom load her groceries while she takes care of her kids. Maybe it's more elaborate like cooking a meal once a week for someone who is unable. As I passed through the door you kindly held for me, I realized that you'd never miss those moments. You'll never ask for them back. How many moments do I have in a day that I can give?   -Dave