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No Way! A F*****G iPad 2!?

Dear iPad Greeter, Generally when you run into someone you know, the standard greetings are: "Hey", "How's it going?", or "What's up?". "I just bought an iPad 2!" while holding up your Future Shop bag is generally not what you'd expect to hear first when you bump into an acquaintance. At first I thought it was rather odd and even a bit selfish, as if you were rubbing it in the guy's face that you had an extra grand to spend on your new toy. What I realized after creepily watching you and eavesdropping  from a rather unsafe distance was that it wasn't about showing off or telling your friend how cool you are. Rather, it was you expressing your excitement about something you've probably been anticipating for quite some time. You cut through the usual bullshit of the "Hi, how are you" and cut straight to "I'm super excited about this!". I think there's something we can all learn from your simple exchange: there is no right way to greet someone when you truly have something genuine to share with them.   -Dave