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Jack Frost vs. Your Destiny

Dear Spring Wishers, Yesterday there was snow on the ground at my house. I was pissed. Not because I hate snow but because the snow seems to slow Spring's momentum down. Every time it feels like Winter has finally left for the year, she turns around and gives me the finger in the form of a snowflake covered lawn. I gumble. I complain. I do nothing but wait until the damn snow melts. But not you. On the very same day, you and your friend were out jogging as if to say "Screw you Jack Frost. I'm going for a run." I find that about myself; if things don't go exactly right, I get irritated and angry while sitting on my ass waiting for things to get better. I wonder how many people around me do the same? I'm learning to fight and take control of my destiny, deciding what it will actually be as opposed to letting destiny decide for me. No more waiting for Spring to come. Like you, I will decide to act as if Winter never happened.   Thank you.  -Dave