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Don’t Let Assholes Determine Your Worth

Dear Down Trodden Cashier, Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things is stressful and scary. Quite honestly, you looked like a deer in headlights that could only say two word: "I'm sorry." You looked frazzled and completely out of your element which showed in your lack of confidence and overly apologetic manner. Pushy customers wanting you to bend the rules because of their own selfishness and ignorance didn't help the situation at all. I know you were just filling while someone was away, but what if you hadn't been? What if this had been your first week in a brand new job that you really wanted to get good at? Too often we forget that we have a role to play in the success of those around us. Too often we push to get our way without considering what our selfishness may be doing to the confidence of those who are serving. We all make mistakes. It's how we learn. Yet our current cutlure doesn't accept any level of failure as an option. We don't care that it's your first day. You'd better be perfect. Don't ever apologize for learning. Don't ever give up because some asshole thinks he is better than you.  -Dave