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Wannabe Trend Setter vs. “Compassionate” Label Whore

Dear Wanna Be Trend Follower, It's crazy and frustrating to realize how our materialistic culture has conditioned me. When I saw your TOMS rip-offs (only assuming they are "BOBS" by Sketchers. My first reaction was "Nice fake shoes. Couldn't afford the real ones?" Which if you think about it is a straight by-product of the school yard where kids are made fun of, called four eyes and told that their brown moose sweater and velcro Brooks are for 90 year olds. I caught myself off guard. Who am I to judge you on your shoes? Just because they copied the business/marketing model of another company who gives away shoes to kids who need them? It's ridiculous how we identify with individual labels as opposed to brilliant acts of humanity: how we identify with the latest passing trends as opposed to solid, timeless ethical convictions like giving. Toms, Sams, Jims, or Normans; it shouldn't matter; yet it does. As you stood wearing your fake TOMS and me wearing my fake BOBS, I couldn't help by ask myself: "What's more important, the packaging or end product?" I knew the answer before I asked the question.