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From Loud to quiet

I don’t consider myself ANYONE. I don’t even know if I have the right or if I should even consider telling you this. BUT i will. because it helped me. I started to analyze and really pay attention to my train of thought. and I began to identify which thoughts made me feel good and which thoughts made me feel bad. I noticed that the bad thoughts began in the morning most of the time there would be loud cursing, and my entire rest of the day went down the toilet. It was not easy, but I told myself i was going to stop processing bad thoughts. Instead of cursing myself every morning, I decided to notice how quiet and peaceful my life can be if I subtract all the negativity. I started by noticing how the birds sing and sun shines every morning. and I still dont got it down perfect, every now and then I find myself right back in step 1 all over again, but everyday is another chance for me to try and that is all we can do in this life.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: san diego, ca