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Before you are trying to attract me make Sure: (Future Wife)

1.You have no Austrian and German Ancestors. (All countries where
German is spoken Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein aso. )

2.Neither Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Persian, Arabian, Hungarian,
Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Russian, Albanian, Romanian, Yugoslavian
(All Balkan: Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian). Incl. Finland, Japanese,
(Axis countries WW2).

3.You are neither Greek.

4.You are tall, have black hair and about 5.6ft to 5.8ft.
5.You have no tattoos and piercings, taking no drugs,
or any medication.

6.You are selfconfident and you have goals in your life.
7.You are not hanging around with friends and partying.

8.You have to be kind of conservative and not a socialist,
feminist, lesbian and pervert.

9.You are not religious (I dont want to marry in church).

10.You have good manners and behavior.
11.You came from a good social environment and layer.
12.You love children and your intention is to marry me.
13.You have been never married, and you have no children.
14.You have no pats and you hate pats.

15.You are an not only an US citizen and live in the USA, but although live in
the, US City, I want to live the rest of my Life. (Ask me)
16.You are at about my age, Iam 33 and born Oct,25,1979

aso. aso. (Criteria I havent mentioned and are non of your business)

These are some of my criteria, and iam 33 years old, so your pictures would not
attract me, if you dont match these basic criteria. My intention, and what iam searching
for is my future wife, where there will be no Sex before marriage.

This is a reason why, no woman will have a chance and after my wedding to attract
me so that i betray my Wife. SHE WILL BE A PROUD MOTHER OF OUR

About Me:

Look iam a 33 years old, have brown short hair and brown eyes.
Iam pretty, attractive and 6.1ft tall.
A man who knows exactly what he wants in his life.
Love, and love at the first sight doesnt count for me.
(Real love comes after many many years with the one you match).
So iam not a teenager, neither a faggot Austrian who does not have any idea about
life and what life is about. Iam a Greek,………., and Greek men are different (doesnt
mean that all Greeks are all the same, but…), and you are talking to
Me personally, so i do the same.

Future Husband
Christos Zikos

Today’s letter was written by Name: Christos Zikos
Twitter: @ChristosZikos
Blog: https://twitter.com/ChristosZikos
Written From: LapTop