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I still love you

Dear soon to be ex, I still love you, you have broken my heart, this time you have gone too far. You are back but you are not. You show you care but you care not. You are around but then you go.. and I know, I know you see her. I hurt, deeply, madly, desperately, I hurt. I now know I am not safe with you. How could you make me feel safe and loved again? There is no way ahead, but I still feel for you. I don’t understand God, I don’t understand why this suffering, I don’t understand why this moment in time where I am frozen, I cannot move on, I cannot move back. I only hurt. My dear soon to be ex, despite the pain, I wish you learn, and I wish you will be happy one day. I miss you and I will for a while. I only ask God for a chance to be alive again, not with you, this time with somebody else. But I still feel for you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: United Kingdom