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Dearest Friend,

Stop pretending like I did not know. I knew before you did that we had something special. The way you looked at me made me feel like a glowing angel. The soft subtle of your cheek never got old. Your words captivated my heart. Your eyes had me lost in another universe, where all else around us froze as if it was just the two of us in a room. Your care for humanity and humility renewed my faith in your type. You had me at awe. My whole family was excited for our wedding day. But you broke my heart. And my dreams came crashing down. I fell off the high that our love gave me and deep into the pits of despair. You don’t know you broke my heart the way you did. But let me tell you know: you did. Sleepless nights. Tear striken eyes. And when I saw you again, and *she* was by your side I knew why the idea of us could never work. Her evil eyes and careless words. Like she was pretending it was all fine. I gave the ring back. But I’m still healing. Wounds like these are deep. You say we can be friends, I’m not so sure. I know I could never be friends with your new bff, so perhaps not. But hey, at least we realized before the alter that this was not meant to be instead of breaking up our family or being miserable our whole lives. And so it is with a brave face, my dearest friend, that I let you go. May you and her have a blessed life together. Just don’t come running back to me. Stay far away from my heart.
Your Ex-Fiancee

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: North america