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Broken promises

To Whom It May Concern:

I do not think as a black man I will ever get use to racism or discrimination especially when it affects children. It is a dirty and evil thing and it needs to be eliminated from society, but until men hearts are changed and converted that will never happen.

My story begins with this lady/philanthropist offering me a grant for my non-profit mentoring program for at-risk and disadvantaged youths. She stated that my program had all of the credentials and skills needed to offer support and guidance to the youths I serve and she wanted to help. But when she discovered that I was an African-American and that my program helped a large percentage of African-American youths, she decided that my program was no longer in the running for the grant. I asked her, when did my program fall out of the running for the grant? She could not tell me but said that maybe next time.

This makes me angry that in this day and time we are still facing bigots who are still judging people by the color of their skin instead of their character. It hurt me deeply to see this type of behavior, but what hurts more and disappointing is that I will have to tell the children as we were counting on that funding to do some great things. That is the hurting part most of all….

I am proud to be who I am regardless of what others may say or think of me. I am honored to work these youths and I will continue to work them, In spite of people like her. I know that there are genuine people in the world and others like myself who care and want to help make this world of ours a better place for all. I feel sorry for people like her who have the resources to help, but chooses to remain in darkness and refuse to accept people for whom they are but instead judge them by the color of their skin. I am truly sorry but I had to rant and rave on this because this truly bothered me deeply and I had to share, please forgive me. May God have mercy upon her and others like her souls…. God bless you all…

Him who still believes in Hope

Today’s letter was written by Name: Christopher
Written From: USA/Louisiana