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Broken promises

To Whom It May Concern:

I do not think as a black man I will ever get use to racism or discrimination especially when it affects children. It is a dirty and evil thing and it needs to be eliminated from society, but until men hearts are changed and converted that will never happen.

My story begins with this lady/philanthropist offering me a grant for my non-profit mentoring program for at-risk and disadvantaged youths. She stated that my program had all of the credentials and skills needed to offer support and guidance to the youths I serve and she wanted to help. But when she discovered that I was an African-American and that my program helped a large percentage of African-American youths, she decided that my program was no longer in the running for the grant. I asked her, when did my program fall out of the running for the grant? She could not tell me but said that maybe next time.

This makes me angry that in this day and time we are still facing bigots who are still judging people by the color of their skin instead of their character. It hurt me deeply to see this type of behavior, but what hurts more and disappointing is that I will have to tell the children as we were counting on that funding to do some great things. That is the hurting part most of all….

I am proud to be who I am regardless of what others may say or think of me. I am honored to work these youths and I will continue to work them, In spite of people like her. I know that there are genuine people in the world and others like myself who care and want to help make this world of ours a better place for all. I feel sorry for people like her who have the resources to help, but chooses to remain in darkness and refuse to accept people for whom they are but instead judge them by the color of their skin. I am truly sorry but I had to rant and rave on this because this truly bothered me deeply and I had to share, please forgive me. May God have mercy upon her and others like her souls…. God bless you all…

Him who still believes in Hope

Today’s letter was written by Name: Christopher
Written From: USA/Louisiana
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Part of today I really missed Kevin; more than I expected. And I was prideful because I think I should be “over” it by now.. whatever that means. None of my strength is depended on me and I need to remind myself that. I’m a weak vessel totally depended on Christ. I pray Christ will continue to heal me and remind me that he pursues me everyday, to remind me that I did the right thing in honoring Christ and you by ending things with that boy; to remind me that my ultimate desire in marriage is to marry a man who loves Jesus more than he could ever love a wife. To remind me that he has my heart, that he sees my hurt, and will remind me that he has paid my ransom. To remind me that I;m not this super human who has achieves proverbs 31 status yet. I need him to remind me that there is still so much work for me to do as a single; a different kind of work than if I was married serving you as your wife and mother of our sweet babies. I need to be constantly gospaled everyday because I forget the gospel everyday as flawed sinner. I need him to remind me that even if I never get married, Christ is more than enough and better than any human man would ever be to me. I need for him to remind me not to compare myself to my friends who are my age and married. I need him to remind me to settle, not to be discontent, and to run after him with passion. I need him to remind me of resting in where he has placed me. I need him to remind me that he will give me such a peace when you come into my life darling husband and that I won’t have to question if you are pursuing me or what your intentions are for our relationship. I love you so much already now. Take care.

Today’s letter was written by Name: Kristin
Written From: MY DORM ROOM
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Before you are trying to attract me make Sure: (Future Wife)

1.You have no Austrian and German Ancestors. (All countries where
German is spoken Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein aso. )

2.Neither Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Persian, Arabian, Hungarian,
Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Russian, Albanian, Romanian, Yugoslavian
(All Balkan: Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian). Incl. Finland, Japanese,
(Axis countries WW2).

3.You are neither Greek.

4.You are tall, have black hair and about 5.6ft to 5.8ft.
5.You have no tattoos and piercings, taking no drugs,
or any medication.

6.You are selfconfident and you have goals in your life.
7.You are not hanging around with friends and partying.

8.You have to be kind of conservative and not a socialist,
feminist, lesbian and pervert.

9.You are not religious (I dont want to marry in church).

10.You have good manners and behavior.
11.You came from a good social environment and layer.
12.You love children and your intention is to marry me.
13.You have been never married, and you have no children.
14.You have no pats and you hate pats.

15.You are an not only an US citizen and live in the USA, but although live in
the, US City, I want to live the rest of my Life. (Ask me)
16.You are at about my age, Iam 33 and born Oct,25,1979

aso. aso. (Criteria I havent mentioned and are non of your business)

These are some of my criteria, and iam 33 years old, so your pictures would not
attract me, if you dont match these basic criteria. My intention, and what iam searching
for is my future wife, where there will be no Sex before marriage.

This is a reason why, no woman will have a chance and after my wedding to attract
me so that i betray my Wife. SHE WILL BE A PROUD MOTHER OF OUR

About Me:

Look iam a 33 years old, have brown short hair and brown eyes.
Iam pretty, attractive and 6.1ft tall.
A man who knows exactly what he wants in his life.
Love, and love at the first sight doesnt count for me.
(Real love comes after many many years with the one you match).
So iam not a teenager, neither a faggot Austrian who does not have any idea about
life and what life is about. Iam a Greek,………., and Greek men are different (doesnt
mean that all Greeks are all the same, but…), and you are talking to
Me personally, so i do the same.

Future Husband
Christos Zikos

Today’s letter was written by Name: Christos Zikos
Twitter: @ChristosZikos
Blog: https://twitter.com/ChristosZikos
Written From: LapTop
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Dear Incest Survivor

I can’t pretend to know what you are feeling, because each person’s pain is individual. But I survived incest. My father abused me from the age of eight until I was fifteen. My mom knew what was going on, but did nothing except keep notebooks detailing each visit. Each morning she would say, “I heard him in your room last night, tell me what he did.” I quit telling her everything when I realized she only used it to get sympathy from her friends.

I tried many coping strategies. I thought suicide would be a way out. If things got too bad, I’d off myself. I tried living in a fantasy world, drugs, and as a young adult other actions that were self-destructive. None of these worked.

I blamed myself. Tried to find excuses for them. Anything to take away the hurt of what was stolen from me, my innocence.

Years after they died, I still harbored hate and anger at their actions. Sad thing was, they were dead and the only one the hate and anger hurt was me. Finally I realized that I needed to forgive them, but that didn’t seem right. How could I give them a free pass for all the hurt they caused me?

Truth is, forgiveness is a very selfish act. It is never for the forgiven and it has nothing to do with absolving a person from their guilt. The guilty one will answer to God. What forgiveness did for me was lifting a weight of oppression from me. I no longer carried my dead parents around in my mind. Why was I giving them a place in my life? No, I didn’t forgive and forget. The memories are there, the actions are there, but forgiveness helped me to let go and not have the emotions tear me apart.

Forgiveness was the first step to healing. I am praying that you find freedom from the hurts of your past.

Today’s letter was written by Name: HEATHER
Written From: NEW YORK
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Dear Former Acquiantance,

Maybe one day I will see you in a different light. Maybe one day you will see me as such too. Maybe one day we’ll just get each other better. Maybe we’ll listen better. Maybe we’ll care more deeply. In the mean time, may you be that person for the others in your life. May you listen well and care deeply. And may I too grow in that regard. I’d be a foul to suggest your presence doesn’t make my heart skip a beat. I’d be a foul to say your words don’t make my heart flip. I’d be a foul to say I can converse without butterflies. You to me are the unknown. The unexpected. We are new to this story. Cast as the lead characters, may we find our way individually of each other. And if that brings us together or leads us apart, may we at least grow as people. May we not snuff each others passions or stop listening or stop caring because we are not together. May we not give the wrong impressions. May we keep our distance. May we not care about each others choices as were not together. But, dear friend — promise me this: you will love her, when you meet her, more then you ever could have me. Know this is for the better, though it breaks my heart to say it so, it is true. We know this. We cant talk like we use you. We don’t care as we did. And we don’t listen. But promise me this: you will be perfect for her, wherever she is, she deserves all of you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: North America
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Dearest Friend,

Stop pretending like I did not know. I knew before you did that we had something special. The way you looked at me made me feel like a glowing angel. The soft subtle of your cheek never got old. Your words captivated my heart. Your eyes had me lost in another universe, where all else around us froze as if it was just the two of us in a room. Your care for humanity and humility renewed my faith in your type. You had me at awe. My whole family was excited for our wedding day. But you broke my heart. And my dreams came crashing down. I fell off the high that our love gave me and deep into the pits of despair. You don’t know you broke my heart the way you did. But let me tell you know: you did. Sleepless nights. Tear striken eyes. And when I saw you again, and *she* was by your side I knew why the idea of us could never work. Her evil eyes and careless words. Like she was pretending it was all fine. I gave the ring back. But I’m still healing. Wounds like these are deep. You say we can be friends, I’m not so sure. I know I could never be friends with your new bff, so perhaps not. But hey, at least we realized before the alter that this was not meant to be instead of breaking up our family or being miserable our whole lives. And so it is with a brave face, my dearest friend, that I let you go. May you and her have a blessed life together. Just don’t come running back to me. Stay far away from my heart.
Your Ex-Fiancee

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: North america
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An Open Letter to my Future Hubby

Hey You,

It’s me. I hope that you are doing well. Please know that I pray and think of you often. I wonder where you are, what you are doing, and how God is using you.

I am so excited to one day share a home together., to work together as team to serve our Heavenly Father, to cook to together, to take long walks together, to whisper sweet nothings and oh so much more. I cant wait to learn from you and to be challenged by you. To see Christ continue to use you. I cant wait for you to be the head of our house.

And before that, for you to pursue my heart. I eagerly anticipate meeting you! (perhaps I already have but we just dont know it yet?)

Praying for you, With All my Love,

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: Canada