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Dear Former Acquiantance,

Maybe one day I will see you in a different light. Maybe one day you will see me as such too. Maybe one day we’ll just get each other better. Maybe we’ll listen better. Maybe we’ll care more deeply. In the mean time, may you be that person for the others in your life. May you listen well and care deeply. And may I too grow in that regard. I’d be a foul to suggest your presence doesn’t make my heart skip a beat. I’d be a foul to say your words don’t make my heart flip. I’d be a foul to say I can converse without butterflies. You to me are the unknown. The unexpected. We are new to this story. Cast as the lead characters, may we find our way individually of each other. And if that brings us together or leads us apart, may we at least grow as people. May we not snuff each others passions or stop listening or stop caring because we are not together. May we not give the wrong impressions. May we keep our distance. May we not care about each others choices as were not together. But, dear friend — promise me this: you will love her, when you meet her, more then you ever could have me. Know this is for the better, though it breaks my heart to say it so, it is true. We know this. We cant talk like we use you. We don’t care as we did. And we don’t listen. But promise me this: you will be perfect for her, wherever she is, she deserves all of you.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous
Written From: North America