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To all the Truck Drivers

As I was driving through the mountains today, it occurred to me that Truck Drivers are unappreciated. So I want to say thank you to all of them. You drive for long hours day and night to move all sorts of things so that everyone is able to go to their nearest store and buy goods to make their own lives easier and better. You miss out on your own family life to drive the highways in all kinds of weather. You have to deal with every type of driver who is on the road at the same time as you and I can not handle how crazy some people drive. So, thank you for working under stressful conditions like, schedules, weather, road construction and crazy drivers to deliver goods for the rest of the population. I will be giving you a wave when I am driving the highways as my way of saying your doing a great job!

Today’s letter was written by Name: Tanya C
Written From: Kelowna BC