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The Asshole Has Yet To Die

Dear Rainbow Bright, I’ll be honest, when I first saw you the only thing that popped into my head was how difficult it must be to pick out your clothes so that they match your rainbow coloured hair. That and why the hell would anyone colour their hair and dress the way that you do. But after my “cooler than you” finally took a seat, I wondered how many people’s day you brightened simply by gracing them with your presence (which I’m assuming is as bright and colourful as your appearance). I often, and by often I mean very often, pride myself in the fact that I am a completely different person than the immature, selfish, arrogant asshole I used to be. Truth is, I have lot of work to do yet and I’m sorry it took a few laughs from a 3rd story window at your expense to realize that. Don’t let anyone change the way you express yourself and your beautiful personality; especially assholes like me. – Dave