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Dear ex,

Hi. I know we were not together for a long time. And I know you feel as though you have hurt me. And you did. But what I want you to know now is that I have forgiven you and I want to make things right.

I just want to thank you.

Thank you for ending it when I could not. Thank you for being there for me and listening, even when you probably just wanted to run away. You saw that we weren’t right for each other, and took charge of the situation, even though you knew it would result in someone getting hurt.

Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for not just being with me because all of our friends are paired off together, and it would have been easy for us to fall together. Thank you for not settling for “good enough,” and not letting me settle either.

I hope one day we can go back to being friends. Not like the way we were before. I don’t think we could ever go back. But I hope we can be friends again. I miss my fellow fifth wheel.


A person who doesn’t want to just be somebody that you used to know.

Today’s letter was written by Anonymous Twitter: Blog: Written From: Kansas