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The Dress Code of Spring

Dear Sunshine Stroller, There was a bold, confident air about you today as you strolled down the street in the early spring sunshine. I’m not sure if it was because something great had just happened to you and life couldn’t be better, or if it was because you were on the verge of turning your dreams into reality and had just stumbled upon the missing piece as you were inspired by the coming of spring. But maybe, just maybe, it was because you knew that you were the only person in town walking down the street with their shirt off only one day after it snowed. Your long, steady strides seemed to tell the story of a man who knew had big plans and places to go; neither of which were going to require any sort of upper body garment. There wasn’t even a t-shirt tucked into your belt. Driving passed in my car, with the windows up, wearing my thick leather jacket only one thought crossed my mind: Damn that dude looks cool. – Dave