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Neil Peart Ain’t Shit

Dear Exaggerated Steering Wheel Drummer, I can picture it now: Packed stadium. A hundred thousand screaming fans. Lights off other than a few swinging spot lights and thousands of camera flashes popping like strobe lights. The fog machines are spewing thick billows that barely hides the plumes of smoke from all of the pot heads. Nothing happens at first, then all of a sudden something moves on stage. No one can see what's happening and a near deafening hush falls over the crowd as they strain to see through the thick haze. Then it happens. The stage floor opens into a seemingly endless abyss in which you emerge playing to soul moving thump of your kick drum. As you break the surface of the stage an ear-splitting roar errupts from the crowd which nearly drowns you out as you break into the first song of your set.  I know it's what you were thinking while oblivious to the rush hour traffic around you.  (PS - The light's green) Just in case the title confused you, Neil Pert is an amazing drummer.