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“Hey Baby, Nice Wheels”

Dear Motorcycle Pick-Up Artist, I've gotta say: I admire your moxie. It's rare (or maybe not as rare as I think) to see a guy on a crotch rocket picking up girls at stop lights. I suppose it makes a lot of sense considering you can drive right up to their window and use some whitty pick-up line like "Hey, nice wheels." But as I saw you chatting up the brunnette who had her head hanging out the window of her red, topless jeep, I saw that you were a man of opportunity. Taking advantage of time that would have otherwise been wasted sitting still in the hot summer heat, you had the opportunity to fill up your weekend schedule. I wonder how many opportunities I've missed because I've been just too oblivious or self focused to recognize. How many times have I blown off the chance to jump head first into a truly great adventure because I was busy concentrating on the red light turning green as opposed to looking out my window and taking in the scene around me. Picking up girls at red lights isn't my thing. But who knows, maybe my next adventure will be right in front of me tomorrow.  (I just have to keep my eyes open).