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Even Words Need the Right Accompaniment

Dear Hand Talker, I tried to imagine what it would be like if you talked with hands sitting stationary at your sides. No movement. Nothing. What I found odd was that as I imagined you standing at attention uttering the exact same words that you did only moments ago, your voice automatically became nothing more than a monotone drone in my head. I find it amazing that although your hand gestures and movements mean nothing, they amplify and give heart and soul to your words. Watching your forearms circle around each and your hands swoop from left to right and back again as your fingers bounce through the air like actors on a stage, I'm rivited by your words that are orchestrated in the perfect soundtrack to the dance before me. On their own your hand gestures are erratic and out of sync. But combine them with the words from your heart and they betray your passion and excitement. Don't ever stop the dance.