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Pretentious Assholes vs. Cynical Assumptions

Dear Lamborghini Driver, I don't know if there is a more pretentious vehichle in our town of 100,000 people than your pearl white Lambhorghini Gallardo. The stark contrast between your current mode of transportation and the overflowing shopping cart of scrounged treasures being pushed down the sidewalk by one of the many homeless was sobering. The fact that your vehicle alone could almost buy a house for he which has no home does not seem right. There are two things that occurred to me as the dichotomous situation slowly registered. One: I made a big assumption that you were a pretentious asshole who only thinks of himself while snubbing the less fortunate. Fact is, you could easily be funding one of the many low income/homeless initiatives in our city. Two: It's officially summer. Despite the uncharactistically dreary weather for the usually scorching hot month of July, when the $100K cars come out to play summer has begun.   -Dave