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Grace vs Illicit First World Expectations

Dear First World Consumer, It hit me like a ton of bricks today as I watched you glare at the cracked screen of your Blackberry while trying to navigate your social media streams: When did perfection become the standard? In our hyper competitive first world continent, it seems as though there is no room for flaw. We need the newest, the best, the fastest and if it's flawed, we deserve it to be replaced for free (even if it was our own damn fault that it got dropped and broke in the first place). Is this the reality in which we live? Are we, as humans, flawless? So why is it that we expect every product or service we use to be something we are not? We expect something from others that we can not in fact deliver ourselves. The sad part is that when we're disappointed, we take it out on the things (and worse, others) we illicitly expected to be perfect in the first place. Where's the grace in that?    -Dave