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Fear vs. Habitual Confidence

Dear Fearless Bridge Jumpers, The drop didn't seem that far while standing on the shore. Yet as I leaned over the bridge rail and stared into the endless black hole that seemed to lurk just below the churning river waters, I knew that risk adverse status quo of our culture gripped me tight in its grasp. Entranced by the vortex of nothingness that you continually launched yourself into, I realized that I am nothing but a creation of my own habits. By cultural standards I am an out of shape, under achiever. As I watched you stare risk and fear in the face, I could see your confidence grow every time you won your inner battle. Each time your head popped up above the ice cold water you swam faster than the time before, anticipating another, more exhilarating jump. Don't ever lose your sense of fearlessness and self confidence. Stay in your 12 year old state of mind as long as you can. It's almost impossible to get it back once it's gone.  -Dave