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Pssst….I Envy Your Balls (That’s Right; You Heard Me)

Today’s letter goes out to my good friend (and now author) Sam McLoughlin (@VancouverSam).

Dear Teetering Wordsmith, I like your balls, sir. As awkward and uncomfortable as you feel right now, squirming in your seat as another man covets your sacred stones, it's true. A few years ago you had an idea and you went for it; you started. Now you are teetering on the verge of becoming a published author. Far too many of us waste our time sitting in front of computer screens wishing we could impact things; change things. We justify our lackadaisical attitudes by telling ourselves that we'll start tomorrow or that we just haven't had the right idea yet. The problem is, we never even write our ideas down in the hopes that maybe they'll stick tomorrow or the next day or the next. We continue to push buttons and our Sims to work while checking our Twitter feeds. We grabbing opportunities and kicking them in the face with our genius. But not you. You went on a cruise, hung out with the CEO of a major publisher, and decided floating through life was not an option. Many of us are still in the shallow end with our water-wings on. Here's hoping you tip.  -Dave